Nov 24, 2020
The most important question to ask is – but no one is ever asking:

”Why the government is so secretive about UFOs?"

There are thousands of ‘top secret files” in every government possession, not available to the general public.

Reports of UFOs are nothing new.

It looks like they have been around for centuries..... No danger is coming from them.

Are we - as a species - so overcome by uncontrollable curiosity??

It seems that no one cares when we will (or did we already) cross the point of no return regarding climate change. That is what we should worry about, not UFOs!
Nov 10, 2020
Governments have secrecy about UFOs because otherwise, they'll be forced to acknowledge they have only partial data, and this will make any Air Force efforts redundant.
Also, an Urban Legend points nazis already went to Space, stablished contacts with some 3'000 civilizations, while other don't accept talking to them.

This makes a money for nothing all defense expenses, will cut the money source of the mutilated in soul and foreskin who want owning this World, or make a 'Samson response', as in cover of Itzak Simov book: 'The mars way', depicting an Earth in the process of explosion, and a teethed mouth crying this command.

Those responsible for the hundred of thousand excess deaths from global warming are identified, the way for their crimes is evident, but they control money, Governments, armies, law enforcement bodies in western World.

Hope the deity they call protector, Saturn, symbol= hexagram, calls them soon, at least the way sailors realized Jonas was the origin of storms threatening them, and sent him to the sea, as balloons get rid of ballast.

Besides being those having means to correct Global Warming, doing nothing, the previous mass extinction events had a stronger link to how fast CO2 grew, rather than absolute CO2 level, also to changes in Earth Orbit, those who seized power eliminate anyone discussing their supremacism, based in lies, infiltration of administrations, money from usury and manipulation of markets and prices, plus a rampant racism.

They are paranoid golem, zombies of an alien terrorist force, probably wanting to eliminate all life here, then seize Earth for the 300 million years of life-kindness left to our planet.

Sun is slowly but surely heating up.

Who cooperates in the small elements of this theft, of this genocide, participate in the whole operation, they are guilty, as Paul of Tarso, who took care of mantel from people killing Stephan with Stones, was as guilty as those actually throwing stones.

Sins are not my business, criminal offenses are, if I don't react against industrial crime, I could be blamed for the crimes.

No pardon for mass invasions, mass killings, until penalty term.

Death penalty is a soft penalty for some crimes.

Holocaust never existed, was just industrial euthanasia: from wasp strategic bombings, they had no food for all, for their people and for the arrested common criminals in waiting to be send out.
Starving is an specially slow and painful way of diying.
Poor hyenas, attacked by all lambs!