Question Corona Mutation related(Corona Return Wave 2 )

Mar 26, 2020
Is this virus which may be not doing anything now in a higher immunity body(asymptomatic) , but will do mutation to make it self stronger day by day .. once it gets the next body , will again start the same ..

For example 1-10 person numbered as per increasing immunity .. Then this virus will do mutation wrt immunity ... If it returns from 10th no person to 1st or 2nd .. that earlier asymptomatic person/mild symptom to be getting severe stage
Nov 11, 2019
There's been quite a bit discussed so far about the Coronavirus abilities to mutate rapidly, and editorial has covered this as well

The human body *does* work to adapt to viruses once it has fought off infection, but Coronavirus is particularly aggressive. Also, the virus mutates surprisingly fast, and right now health officials in China are concerned about a second wave of the pandemic after lifting social distancing restrictions.

As for when it's "safe to come out of hiding", we still can't tell for sure when it's time to end social distancing.

We're right now in a race for a vaccine, which can take upwards of 14 months even in the extremely rapid pace of development for this virus.