Wave/Co-Ordinate Duality

Jun 19, 2023
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What happens when we consider 3 static, infinite, linear dimensions of space in concert with one dynamic temporal dimension that can be described in terms of a wave?
If the temporal dimension can be thought of in terms of a wave with no upwards or downwards limit to its frequency, and any co-ordinate in space can be described in relation to its temporal frequency, wouldn't it follow logically that the Universe, while appearing to emerge from a spatial point, would actually proceed from a temporal wave with no upwards limit to its frequency?
In such a Universe, the appearance of space would bear a general tendency towards expansion as the temporal wave would generally tend towards increases in wavelength, with the exception being in the presence of matter with mass that warps spacetime (in other words, in large voids expansion would be relatively uniform and accelerating, but in the presence of massive matter time dilation would slow these effects. In the case of a black hole, time dilation at the event horizon slows time to the point where it appears, in accordance with the natural limits of human observational experience, to cease).
There is no limit in infinite space to how large or small a point can be. Any theoretical system of co-ordinates must account for this fact or lose its credibility. It is far more rational to think of the Universe as proceeding through infinite time rather than emerging spontaneously from nonexistence, which is a logical fallacy anyhow (nonexistence by definition, does not exist. To claim that nonexistence somehow precedes, coincides with, or follows existence is to claim that nonexistence exists, in the past, present, or the future, and this claim is what is called a fallacy, because it proves itself wrong by ignoring the definitions of its own terms).

In addition to this understanding being more rational, it is also supported by the evidence of the singularity, the expanding universe, and wave-particle duality.

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