NASA's experimental X-59 supersonic jet could be built by the end of 2020


Jan 18, 2020
Nice airplane the X-59: it looks a bit having some drawbacks: wing and engine position remind HP.115, built to test the low speed features of Concorde wing, which finally had an ogival leading edge planform; the Saab Draken having a similar, but not identical, double delta planform, a bit in the line of Space Shuttle, had poor stall features, worse than with a single leading edge angle of swept, they say.
The main difference may be in the canard foreplane the Handley-Page HP.115 had not.
China published several documents about delta canards with delta wing planform.
Fuselage looks very long, as in X-3 Stiletto, perhaps the momentum, turning inertia issues of the X-3 long fuselage may reappear. (X-3 article Wikipedia)
Is it necessary to remake HP.115 airplane to obtain similar data?
Purchase info in the UK!
They are always in need of money, same as US with their rampant debt; if data trade is made with Chinese, it could be good for all.
But it is not my money, nor I am putting my life at risk on board, I failed in obtaining the 'C' class glider license...
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