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How to Use An At-Home DNA Test


Ever since at-home DNA tests were put out onto the market, the world has become fascinated with discovering where they come from and who their ancestors were. It’s completely understandable; we all want to feel like we belong, and having tangible evidence that our blood is tied to a certain family or country provides that feeling in spades. If you’re curious to find out more about the people and land you come from, here’s how to use that at-home DNA test you’ve been eyeing:


1. The first step is to get your sample.
All of this would be pointless without your sample, of course. Most home DNA kits rely on a cheek swab or spit sample, both of which are quick and easy. Be sure to follow your kit’s specific instructions to get a proper sample.


2. Send your sample to the lab.
Your kit will most likely have a specific lab they work with and will provide you with a prepaid envelope (or at least an address) to send your sample in.

3. Eagerly await your results.
Now, forget everything you think you know about DNA tests as a result of crime shows. Your results won’t arrive overnight. Some services can take 2-3 weeks, so expect at least that time frame.
Dec 26, 2019
I just wonder what they do with your DNA after they are done with it. Wouldn't somebody having your DNA be more serious than if they have your social security number? I would want to know what they do with my DNA after they are done with it if I were to send it to say