Does a matter-wave that is destined to decohere become physical before the decoherence event? Does its momentum direction trigger decoherence?

Dec 23, 2019
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Decay of Coherence is something that can happen to decoherent particles. Coherent matter-waves do not decay.

The reason decoherence can be predestined is because unobserved quantum waves do not have restrictions on future decoherence events. Waves are not physical, they are not using Spacetime. The quantum field has a separate timeline (temporal regulator) than the one used for Spacetime. We know they have a time rate from the limit set on light/causality. The quantum field using its own time explains the diffraction trajectory a physical particle has. The field can influence the trajectory, but it can’t make it tunnel or be in superposition. Unobserved waves do not travel in spatial dimensions.

A quantum path manifests the entire distance instantly (the quantum field doesn’t care about distance). If decoherence is experienced, a wave condenses to be a wave packet back at the beginning (this might be an entanglement type event - like two waves going through two slits of the double slit experiment).

After the particle becomes a condensed wave packet back at the beginning, the particle jumps to catch up to the distance the wave would have made without the decoherence event. This jump might look like a condensed wave packet at the beginning of the full wave length, it would shrink but build up at the advanced end like a tunneling wave. After the tunnel, the wave is now physical, using spacetime, and can now decay. If jumping isn’t what actually happens, I need another way to get the particle up to the front. The alternative for this is the condensed wave packet runs the length of the wave faster than light.

We know it does this back-n-forth because the delayed choice quantum eraser demonstrates a particle of a pair landing on its final panel first, knowing if it’s entangled brother will decohere in its path.

Decoherence does lead to wave collapse, but only after the physical particle has passed the decoherence event initiation.

tl;dr. A particle can be entangled with its future self.
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