Why didn't Alexander the Great invade Rome?

Dec 1, 2023
If Alexander the Great had invaded Rome, would he have won?

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Greece would have had to fight through Carthage before ever reaching Rome, and Rome was already a power house itself by the era of Alexander the Great came around. Carthage was its biggest enemy and also a powerhouse in and of itself but not as strong as Rome. So if i were to look at it from a realistic perspective, look at the numbers, supplies and weaponry each fighting force has and the cavalry they had to work with i think the Alexander takes Carthage but faces significant resistance and by the time its done and over with he loses to many numbers to ever have a realistic chance of taking Rome at all. Even if Alexander calls in every fighting force of every allied or conquered power to help him Rome is already too well organized and too strong for Alexander to conquer, and i fully believe that if he continued on to Rome after Carthage the Romans truly wouldnt have much of an issue defeating the Macedons and sending whoever is left back to Macedonia with their tail tucked between their legs or would have forced them into slavery like Rome had done to conquered powers so many times already.