The BIG Bang-Bit Bang expansion of Energy-Matter and Information

"The very first information-processing revolution, from which all other revolution stem, began with the beginning of the universe itself. The big bang at the beginning of time consisted of huge numbers of elementary particles, colliding at temperatures of billions of degrees. Each of these particles carried with it bits of information, and every time two particles bounced off each other, those bits were transformed and processed. The big bang was a bit bang. Starting from its very earliest moments, every piece of the universe was processing information. The universe computes. It is this ongoing computation of the universe itself that gave rise naturally to subsequent information-processing revolutions such as life, sex, brains, language, and electronic computers." - Dr. Seth Lloyd, quantum computer scientist at MIT and author of Programming The Universe (Vintage, 2006)

Therefore, we need to tweak the name of the beginning of this Universe to the BIG Bang-Bit Bang - an expansion of energy-matter and information.

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Dec 30, 2019
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13.8 billion years ago. ..Standing on a boat, as far as I can see is not how big is the ocean. Why parent universe? Ever here of mitosis? Inflation was by most conjecture faster than light but then the rules changed...the speed of time changed. Into nothing time's speed is infinite or near infinite. Existence of gravity slows time and light's speed follows time.