Giant 'bubbletrons' shaped the forces of the universe moments after the Big Bang, new study suggests

Jul 12, 2020
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Not knowing the nature of dark matter, it's beyond speculative to ponder its production by even more speculative, and probably unfalsifiable, mechanisms. This sort of thing belongs in the vacuous recesses of viXra servers. I don't know why it's getting coverage here, except that it's a Paul Sutter article.
Feb 3, 2023
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Pseudoscience. Do you know the hallmarks of pseudoscience? It sounds like science, looks like science, even tastes like science, but in truth it isn't testable, threfore not science. Good tjing we didn't step in it.
The Big Bang is pseudoscience. The stories being told to explain away the hyporhesis's failire to predict are untestable claims(rapid expansion). Dark Matter is also a story trying to explain away another model's failure to predict.
You are not communicating science, you are proliferating pseudoscience.