Room-temperature superconductors: The facts behind the 'holy grail' of physics

Aug 7, 2023
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Place a superconductor above a magnet and it will be perfectly suspended in the air, a phenomenon called the Meissner effect.

Not correct. Meissner effect is perfect diamagnetism, which is repulsion from all magnetic fields. Superconductors suspended above or below magnets are due to flux-pinning, which is only present in some types of superconductors.

A superconductor that has Meissner effect but not flux pinning is repelled by magnets and would not be stably levitated above a magnet, it would slide off to the side. It would not levitate below a magnet at all.

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Aug 27, 2020
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Given to hyperbole much? Any self respecting physicist knows that the "Holy Grail" of physics is the Unified Field Theory, aka the "Theory of Everything", Superconductivity doesn't even come close.