Pharaoh's Dam


Dec 12, 2020
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Friends, I offer you a book about ancient Egypt.
The book is written in the adventure genre in the form of a journalistic investigation and tells about an event that happened in Egypt 4500 years ago - Jewish exodus from Egypt. The events described are supported by references from the bible, which quite accurately and truthfully describes the life of the Egyptian people at that time. According to the plot, the Pharaoh decides to dismantle the Great Pyramids and build a dam from this material that blocks the Great Nile. But at this important moment for Egypt, the unquenchable thirst for power forced the adopted grandson of Pharaoh Moses to make a coup in order to reign on the throne. Intrigues, hired killers and the rest of the arsenal of adventurers who want to fish in troubled waters are used. Unfortunately for the Pharaoh, natural phenomena suddenly fall upon the country, putting Egypt on the brink of starvation. At the cost of huge sacrifices, the rebellion is suppressed, and the rebels, led by Moses, flee from the punishment of the Pharaoh into the desert, where they suffer hardships for many years, paying for participation in the rebellion. The book describes the characters of this story, which are very similar to you and me living today. These are adventurers of all stripes, hungry for power and money, and ready to serve at least Satan for this. These are the patriots of the Motherland, sparing no effort for the prosperity of the country. By and large, this book is about a great youthful love for a girl and the love of the heroes of the events described for the Motherland, and all the events described breathe love. They say that beauty will save the world. No, friends, love will save the world, because without love, beauty is an empty phrase! Enjoy…