In the Case of the Missing Pigeon Toes, Human Hair May Be to Blame

Feb 22, 2020
This is totally plausible. Having chickens and other fowl has shown me that, if there is something they can find that has blown in from wherever, which they can get tangled in, they will manage to do so. I have had birds lose toes before, before I knew to watch for such things. I even had one unfortunate young turkey poult lose a lower leg from a piece of fishing line that blew in from someone's trash! It basically cut right through the joint, and when I found her, she was being attacked by the other birds, like the little feathered velociraptors they are. 🙄

I fought to save that poor dear for months, trying to help her heal up the stub enough to fit a fabricated lower leg onto her stub! The two vets I called simply said to put her down, but she had such a will to live, and was so happy when she got cuddle time, that I could not possibly consider taking away her chance to survive

She broke my heart, though, by apparently getting a fast-acting new infection that I didn't catch in time. I literally cried, and suffered guilt, for months! I blamed myself for so long. Thinking maybe I should have saved her the suffering. Thinking I should have caught whatever infection she picked up soon enough to treat it like I did the previous two I had beaten. I still fear I was at fault, and I could have somehow done something to prevent losing her!

Anyway, enough of my continued guilt about my poult. It's just that loose string and hair and other trash versus birds is a bad mix for the birds. I didn't mean to go on so much about my pretty turkey poult I lost to trash entanglement. It brought back unpleasant memories, I must admit. I simply meant to say that this is extremely logical, as I have seen what can happen, myself.