IMPORTANT: The Truth About Anti-Inflammatories (+ Paracetamol!) and COVID-19

Mar 18, 2020
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Hey guys,

I'm posting here because, as a biologist, I'm aware of how common analgesic medications can suppress our ability to fight viruses. Please read this article and the sources at the bottom for more information:

The uptake from a lot of literature is that even paracetamol may be a significant issue during COVID-19 infection.

Take care!


Nov 12, 2019
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Thank you for posting about this! It's definitely an emergent topic that is of great import to all.
Reports are coming in from reputable agencies and respected websites globally, and we should all seek to educate ourselves. Here is another:

LiveScience is currently undertaking a review of all verified reports and will have a summary article available as soon as possible. Our editorial staff is working around the clock to keep us all up to date!

Please remember to check with your medical professionals before undertaking ANY course of medication.
Remember, while this is an informational site and we have a lot of educated opinions on the forums, we cannot provide medical advice or council. Read more here: