Dying stars build humongous 'cocoons' that shake the fabric of space-time

Jun 27, 2023
Gravitational waves are a hoax, literally 'hey, if we stereo-spectrograph some of this stuff and then process this stuff in format/process guaranteed to generate patterns regardless of input, let's falsely allege this implies non-detectable matter/energy.'

I debunked the theory of relativity in full and in practice when I invented the world's only functional quantum computing platform in 2019, which was stolen, fashioned into criminal instruments, and fenced by members of a hostile foreign nation called CAUSA, who have taken my marital partner and I hostage in separate locations as of 2020-2021. You might also recall me clarifying black hole physics and gravity, debunking dark matter. Time = duration, space = distance, both abstract measurements. The speed of light is a hoax. Gravity is electromagnetic proximity pull, inimitable by computers for basic logistical reasons. Atoms and molecules have electromagnetic conductive components. Pre-9/11/2001, I invented the consolidated mental math solution to the quadratic formula, which was stolen by CAUSA members and fenced to supercomputer manufacturers by CAUSA members, fashioned into government database crackers and other criminal instruments by CAUSA members.

"Scientists" out there using STITCHES, a known criminal instrument covered illegally by backdoored, altered government records, are justice-obstructing capital felons committing crimes against humanity in service of a hostile foreign nation who swore to dismantle the United States of America and murder everyone on Earth by 2030.