Delaware mid January had symptoms

May 13, 2020
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In Delaware in December & January the school kids were sick. I started getting bad headaches, an eye infection and sore throat. I was tired. I couldn’t smell a dead skunk that my friend complained about. I waited for a day that I thought I was getting better to get my flu shot. My husband is on dialysis so I skip my health to have time for his issues. My lungs felt very full and only until a week ago I stopped having problems. I always take precautions when I am ill so I don’t get him sick. The last thing I remember was severe diarrhea for 3 days. I am a vegan. Getting the flu shot may have helped. I started distancing myself from the children. I did remember seeing rashes on some of them. My smell is always better than most so when I learned about that symptom that really made me think. It was mid January I started with the terrible headaches.