Symptoms January 1-mid Feb.2020

Mar 15, 2020
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We are from Edmonton Alberta and returned to Alberta Jan. 1st from a 10 day Christmas Cruise on Royal Caribbean and had a wonderful time and felt normal. On the plane home there was a family behind and beside us from Brazil and the child had been flying for 24 hrs. He was very sick and threw up everywhere. We though this incident was the reason for my husband and adult daughters sudden illness that came on Jan. 1st. My husbands lasted till med Feb off and on , Our daughter 3 weeks. Both had severe chills, high fever, sweats, coughs, severe fatigue. Both are compromised. I was fine and the children were only sick a couple of days. Everyone was at home and not mixing with any outside people. The question is, as this came on so fast and lasted as it did and the extreme difference from anything either had experienced before one wonders if this was Corona? We did not blame this on the ship as it was so well managed with safety for any spread of an illness we blamed this on the plane home and the poor young lad. It would be good if this perhaps offered us a immunity of sorts. It does make you wonder as it was so severe, and not anything either had experienced before. You may ask why we did not go to a hospital and the reason is my husband is very stubborn and an eternal optimist and I am a retired nurse so he felt in good hands. Our daughter is doing Chemo so she was watched but again this was never considered as anything just very severe and strange. Thoughts? Thank you.


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Nov 12, 2019
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Hi Nana,

I'm glad that you're feeling better and hope your daughter is doing well in her treatment. We are not medical professionals here and I'd be remiss in not mentioning that you shouldn't rely on any posts as a serious guide for your health. Especially dealing with questions of immunity.

It's worth visiting the World Health Organization website for details on the virus and symptoms and if you have any concerns following your regional guidelines for information or direction.