Question Can the Sahara be made green? Should it?

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May 15, 2023
The Sahel Region of Africa has already begun to green again, an area the size of the USA. The tiny increase in CO2 Concentration over 200 years allowed this to happen (CO2 being the main driver in Photosynthesis). It is also self regulating - CO2 is absorbed, O2 is released, vegetation feeds the Fauna... 200 years ago the Earth came perilously close to a Global Extinction Event when ppm of CO2 dropped to 250ppm! Today Commercial Greenhouses have to artificially inject CO2 up to 2000ppm to increase crop yields to become sustainable in a Commercial Environment.
Make no mistake, the greening of desertified areas brings relief to millions of starving people in this World without the need for Aid. Should we deny these people the Freedom of Food to feed the Climate Alarmists?