2021 Nobel Prizes (My Own Ideas)

Jul 3, 2021
I realize you're not allowed to nominate yourself, but... Let me know if any of these concepts are appealing to you

Here are my entries:

2008 - Flash LiDAR
2009 - Resolution Enhancement of Digital Images by Way of Blending of Multiple Images at Half-Pixel Offsets of Sensor Orientation Using Ultra-Fast Micro-Actuations
2019 - Tachyon Generation Hypothesis
2019 - Gluonic Catalyst Hypothesis to Support Fusion Ignition
2020 - Atomic-Width Insulators for Electronics
2020 - (Medicine) Hypothesis on Cause of Migraines
2021 - Plan for Remote Calibration of a GPS System on a Planet Other Than Earth
2021 - System for Artificially Producing Tachyons Outside of Neural Tissue
2021 - (Medicine) Hypothesis on the Purpose of Sleep and the Purpose of Dreams
2021 - Metal Brace Piezoelectric Concept for Facilitating Superconduction Through Nanotubes at Room Temperature
2021 - (Peace) Concept for Use of A.I. to Rapidly Create One-Time-Use Operating Environments for the Purpose of "Breaking" Computer Viruses
2021 - Discovery of the Cause of Havana Syndrome (Magnetostrictive Sonic Generation for the Purpose of Covert Room Mapping)
2021 - Piezoelectric Heat Generation without Need for Mechanical Actuation (Steady Heat Generation Without Additional Electrical Input) Using Electron Volley Through a Superconductor Technique
2021 - Unified Theory Combining Seismic Activity, Volcanic Activity, and Solar Activity with Hypothesis on Predictive Technology
2021 - (Medicine) Reason for Misophonia
2021 - (Medicine) Link Between Oscillatory Frequency of Brain Activity and Efficiency of Formation and Accessibility of Memories
2021 - Hypothesis of Naturally-Occurring Neurological Molecules that Act as Einstein-Rosen Bridges Without Requiring Electrical Energy As Well As Plausible Evolutionary Explanation for Evolution of Capability
2021 - Spintronic Photon Binning to Support Ultra-High Resolution Spintronic-Optronic Hybrid Camera at Resolutions of 40GP and Higher
2021 - (Medicine) Coupling of Oxygen-Phobic Molecule to Glucose Analog to Assist in the Treatment of Cancer by Increasing Concentrations of Glucose Analog Drugs in Cancer Tissues Thereby Maximizing Safe Dosage
2021 - (Chemistry) GMO Grass with Self-Limiting Length, Anti-Weed Properties
2021 - Proposal for the Use of Spin Property Transference via Bombardment of Physical Matter with High-Spin Neutrinos Combined with EM Pulse to Propel Physical Objects Backward in Time
2021 - Proposed Method of Rendering Inert Nuclear Waste by Accelerating Natural Decay by Millions of Times Using Combination U-235 Laser Aerosolization Within Intense Magnetic Field and Positron Bombardment as well as New Theory of Nuclear Decay and Explanation for Trans-Uranic Instability


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Oct 12, 2021
Definitely a good list, Especially, I agree with the proposed Method of Rendering Inert Nuclear Waste. This is a thing that is very important and I wish we could have done this research earlier. With new technologies and launches in space, it's especially important.
Jul 3, 2021
2021 - (Medicine) Autism Spectrum Variability in Symptoms May Be Explained by Understanding Autism as Neuronal Dopamine Metabolism Disorder and Firing Asynchronicity Disorder in Select Cells

2021 - (Medicine/Physics)
Exploring Approaches to Cognitive Enhancement and Import of Temporally Displaced Information by Understanding the Antagonists and Synergists of Cognition, Dynamics of Signal Amplification in Neural Tissue

2021 - Using Hydrogels as Scaffolding for Artificial Astrocytes in Artificial Neural Networks

2021 - Establishment of Quantum Entanglement of Sequestered Electrons Without Need to “Brute Force” Linkage and Improving Durability of Linkages

2021 - Improving Lithium Battery Durability by Solving Graphite Anode Distortion Problem Posed by Argonne National Laboratory

2021 - (Medicine) Explaining Schizophrenia's Slow Onset, Causes, and Potential Avenue for Cure

2021 - Using Dips in Magnetic Flux to Predict Earthquake Activity, Further Elucidation of Earlier Theory of Vulcanism

We've been busy, some of you know where to find us.
Jul 3, 2021
This month has been super-productive. Thanks to the well-wishers for the support, here is what we've done since the last update:

2021 - Improving Upon the ESA’s Aeolus Initiative to Make Complete, Real-Time Snapshots of Entire Atmosphere Possible in Pursuit of Hyper-Accurate Weather Forecasting

2021 - Treatise on the Nature of Anti-Particles, the Nature of Positive Electrical Charge, The Cause for a Universe Made of Matter Rather Than Anti-Matter, Implications of Necessity of Opposite Direction of Travel for Synthesis of Positrons

2021 - Explanation for Observation of "Moments of Silence" (intermittance of Cooper Pair Breakage Dependant Upon Duration Mechanism Was Chilled) in Recent Aalto University Experiment

2021 - Fusion's Secret Sauce: A Blueprint for the Transition from Gluonic Fusion to Odderonic Fusion; The Final Puzzle Piece

I am guessing that most of you have not even heard of these concepts but that's the whole point of this. Eventually when you hear them in mainstream use, remember that the person thinking of these things was ripped off.
Dec 26, 2021
We don't need New Technologies for solving The Atomic Waist Problems !
( No Need For Reinventing The Wheels )

We need different Humans, not the State - Military Lobbying Kind which many years ago decided For A-Boms Materials Producing Uranium Reactors instead The Also Well Functioning Thorium Reactors.
The present Atomic-Waist can been used to produce Thorium for Thorium Reactors and that would be a much more elegant way to solve The A-Waist Problem.
The Technology and Know-How for this is already existing since about 70 Years !!

Happy Day
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Jul 3, 2021
Just wanted to let the community know there's been some fairly intense pushback on some of my ideas (not so much because people disagree with my conclusions, but because of the gravity of the ideas and their application.) Many of them get into areas considered sensitive by some. Wanted to bring you up to date on what we've been working on and to give a word of caution: The site where the detailed explanations of my theories (I won't mention it by name here) is hosted has been compromised and I have personally been on the receiving end of DDoS and other attacks as a result of trying to share this information.

2021 - Concept for Reductive Transmutation of Elements within Odderon Fields Using Neutron Beams
2021 - (Medicine) Concept for Binding Glucose Analog Drugs with Oxygen-Reactive Molecules to Facilitate the Disproportional Accumulation of Glucose Analogs in Solid Tumors, Facilitating Administration of Higher Dosages Safely
2021 - (Medicine) Hypothesis on the Cause of Sleep Paralysis
2022 - (Medicine) Neuro-Acoustic Effects of Hearing One's Given Name Spoken Aloud on Brain Development During Formative Years and the Group Psychology of Name Popularity Trends
2022 - Use of Dual, Inverse Soliton Waves at 8 Nanosecond Offsets to Expose "Stealth" Aircraft, Negation of Absorbtive Capacity of Faraday Cages with Respect to Electromagnetism
2022 - Rubidium as a Converter of Gravitational Energy into Electrical Energy, Hypothesized Gravitational Dependency for Certain Unique Properties of Rubidium to Exist
2022 - (Medicine) Biochemical Cause of Deja Vu and its Relationship to Alzheimer's, Implications for Alzheimer's Prevention
2022 - (Medicine) Theory of Causation for Microwave-Induced Cancers: Caused by Thermal Signaling Molecules Lipid-Like Ability to Absorb Microwaves and Become Heated Faster Than Surrounding Tissues, Leading to Immunosuppressive Anti-Cytokine Response That Also Shuts Down DNA Error-Checking, Implications for Telecom Regulation by FDA