Will we still have antibiotics in 50 years? 7 experts weigh in

Nov 28, 2019
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While I have no idea what, if any, antibiotics will be available in the future, I do know that indiscriminate purchases in many places provide antibiotics to anyone who asks.
I traveled for 8 years in 20 nations in Central/South America and Asia after retiring, and saw antibiotic sales without any need for a doctor's order/prescription. My wife, a specialist RN, and I watched as tiny pharmacies on the street sold various drugs including antibiotics for tiny amounts of money to anyone who asked.
These indiscriminate sales will continue to cause antibiotics to become useless by users taking them for non bacterial infections, headaches, toothaches, etc, and taking less than the required dosage/time. I have no idea how to stop this unless all countries actually act to prevent this. Up to now, they show no inclination to do that.