Will El Niño end the Southwest's megadrought?

Mar 25, 2023
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"That means the region needs to figure out long-term strategies to make sure there's enough water to go around."
The best 'long-term' strategy is producing fewer humans competing for the water.
Jan 15, 2023
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El Niño is set to collide with a megadrought in the Southwest. Will the pattern of wet, warmer weather in the Pacific help end the drought?

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While there is no doubt the climate is changing worldwide, human contributions constitute a portion of this transformation and not it's entirety.
All by itself, nature has supplied hotter temperatures than now. The effect humans have on this environment is significant and that is undeniable, but there are factors involving important aspects of climate change, and they are of the millions of years in historic records along with other factors.
It's obvious much more than human induced pollutants are affecting the environment. We are in an ice age now and have been enjoying the unusual warmth enabling populations to multiply accordingly. This effect upon the planet's atmosphere leading to our dissolution is negligible. The big picture is the cycle currently upon us.
We are too small to cause the majority of climate change. We are spinning our wheels in insisting curbing emissions will remedy this overall conundrum. It's much more than that.
Very good reporting though. Be careful of what facts are stated. Check everything.