Why vitamin C won't 'boost' your immune system against the coronavirus

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Jan 18, 2021
Based on the astronomical level of inflammation in his body
and reports written by Chinese and Italian physicians who had treated the sickest COVID-19 patients,
it was not the disease itself
killing him but his own immune system
It had gone haywire and began to attack itself — a syndrome known as a “cytokine storm.”

“Our role was to quiet the storm,”

said Dr. Samuel Youssef, a cardiac surgeon.
“Dr. Padgett was able to clear the virus”
once his immune system
was back in balance.

Dr. Matt Hartman, a cardiologist, said that after four days on the immunosuppressive drug,
¶¶ supplemented by high-dose vitamin C

and other therapies, the level of oxygen in Padgett’s blood improved dramatically.
He slowly came out of his sedated coma.

they told him about a 33-year-old woman
— a mother of three —
who was in the hospital as well, also having experienced a cytokine storm.

He saw the team’s excitement when they tried the approach on her,
and she too recovered.

Feb 19, 2020
Agree with respect to viruses. But, can you define what "excessive amounts" means quantitatively, and what the difference is in the body's response to those amounts? The usual criterion is the presence of absence of scurvy. But that amount is trivial compared to that needed for the best overall health.
Feb 19, 2020
That's why it is important to maintain sufficient levels of vitamin C, iron and alpha keto glutarate. Along with oxygen these are the four enzyme cofactors required for collagen synthesis and strengthening. Again, the usual minimum daily requirement for vitamin C is only enough to prevent scurvy. That's not enough for good health overall