Universe’s secret revealed on the physics aspect

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Even though the universe seems to be more complex structure composed of infinite number of things including both living and non-living things, actually on physics aspect all of them would fall under some special category called ‘Three’. That is all the things in the universe can be classified under simply three. How? In case of Matter it is accompanied by two more things; Dark Matter and Antimatter. So totally there are three. Similarly, energy of the universe is decomposed into Light Energy, Non-light energy (say potential energy) and Dark Energy. These are the strong evidences for the universe is made of three’s. So if we can explain about the cosmology or universe based on this classification means then every mystery about the world would come to an end. Thus simply the ‘Three’ is a key to unlock the secrets and mysteries of the universe.

So, first in order to understand the actual fact behind this outstanding powerful number Three and how it affects the entire universe when I made in-depth research about it led me formulating a afresh theory under the title “The Theory of Three” that also contains a new law called “The law of Three” helped me deduce the most mysterious things such as the dark energy, dark matter and the supermassive black hole in the world not yet revealed. There is a detailed description about everything in the original article the Theory of Three. Only the required portion from the article is given and explained here for reference.

To understand the importance of the ‘Three’ a lot of things can be taken as examples in the real world. Populating the list of Three’s may be either simple things or complex things. The following list is the things that are composed of three.
When we consider the things with three parts, we can mainly remember household things; A Fan with three subdivisions (Electric motor, Connecting rod and Wings); further there are three wings on the fan. An electrical socket of a plug to be inserted has three holes (Neutral, Hot and Ground) on the Electric panel board. Door set with a Frame, Door and Hinges. A Locking Mechanism with a key and a lock. A Bicycle with Three wheels (Two wheels on the front and rear side and a crank set at the central position which functions as the third wheel for a bicycle). A Home PC with basic I/O devices (Keyboard, Monitor and CPU), RGB (Red, Green and Blue) color space — the basic color model that is responsible for generating millions of colors which is the only technique adopted in defining and reproducing colors in the WEB applications and also help deriving CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) color for print applications. Golden ratio maintained in the Egyptian pyramid where the System of Proportions based on Three Classification, and Mysterious Bermuda’s triangle. Likewise the things that contain three can be extended based on our knowledge on three.
Beyond this there are also commonly used abbreviations that consists of only three words such as CRT monitor, LCD TV, LED monitor, MRI Scanner, ATM machines, TAT (Turn-around Time) . . . . . . USA, UNO, WHO, IMF . . . the list may extend to various fields of engineering.
Apart from these in certain engineering fields the dominant of three is prominent such as "Newton's three laws" of motion, Kepler's three laws of planetary motion, Three laws of thermodynamics, In electrical engineering Flemming's left and right hand rule only involve three fingers to indicate current, voltage and resistance and Three phase power system etc.
So far we have discussed how the general and familiar things that has three elements surrounding us and in engineering fields. Hereinafter we are going to discuss about how the cosmology involved three by obeying the “Law of Three”. To understand the cosmology in detail, careful analysis of the order followed during universe creation is must. So based on this reason the proper procedures followed pertain to the cosmology are needed to be known.
During creation of the universe ranging from living things such as microorganisms up to giant celestial objects a complex technologies had been involved at different level particularly chemistry. To get idea about the Universe creation, after knew the right procedures followed in the cosmology, examined the chronological order, I have developed the universe creation methodology under the title “The Universe creation template” that defines the format of the actual universe creation with examples present in the original version of my article ‘The Theory of Three’ in detail. With the template, I could deduce the actual source of the grand universe, and from the universal law “Law of Three”, the mystery of dark energy, dark matter and the Supermassive black hole could be revealed so far not yet solved. So here is the law:

Almost things are composed of ‘Three’ as inseparable and the rest are “Three dependent” either directly or indirectly. In the later-case, if there is a disturbance in the system on its three dependence just by at least one third (1/3) of its composition, then it would be vulnerable to affect the remaining two other one thirds or collectively two thirds (2/3) of it cause the whole system unity or end.

Universe Creation Importance Of Light
Generally when we discuss about anything or any hypothesis, there is no way to accomplish it without keeping the light in our mind. As the importance of light: Can anybody think or say about one thing to others without having light in his mind? Can any scientist attempt to think about the scenario of his future invention without keeping light along with his plan in his mind and explain to others and at the same time could they assimilate it without light in their thought? Consequently the design and implementation of his invention could be achieved without light? At least can anybody dream without light? The list of questions can be extended in order to emphasize the importance of light.
One important reason for I have to ask such questions here. In the real world nothing is impossible without light. Therefore the Light is needed before start any work or create anything. So based on the above facts, it must be understood that the Light had to be the basic thing needed even in case of the Universe creation. Based on the generally accepted cosmological fact, before the creation of the Universe there were darkness everywhere. So some primordial light source should have been required before the universe creation started to overcome the contemporary darkness dominant our real universe. Now until reveal the actual light source let me introduce the most common term “GRAND LIGHT SOURCE (GLS)” considered as a superior light that has an outstanding property comparatively no such a light source still there in the universe.
The primitive light GLS does not literally mean the visible light alone. Actually it covers the complete electromagnetic spectrum ranging from radio waves, microwave, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet rays, X-rays to gamma radiation like emitted from the celestial bodies like sun and stars.

Now, for the term “Grand Light Source” the primordial Electromagnetic Spectrum of the universe mentioned in the previous paragraphs I am replacing the most relevant term. That is the Cosmic Infrared radiation and Cosmic Microwave radiation whose presence is detected and confirmed by the astronomers already. During the formation of these two grand light sources there was surely no source other than the darkness. We have to examine about this relic light source carefully in order to deduce the actual cause for these grand light sources cosmic microwave and infrared background.
When we analyze these light sources on physics aspect, it reveals us that these light sources are purely energy and nothing more than that. In the empty or void situation except deep darkness if any energy could be formed means then it is confirmed there would be some sort of energy hidden in the darkness from which this light energy should be derived. Now let us attempt to seek such energy in the darkness. Yes! “The Dark Energy”.
This deduction leads us to consider one important Physics law called “The Law of Conservation of Energy”. The Law of Conservation of Energy states that “Energy can neither be created; nor be destroyed. But can be transformed from one form to another”. Now this law is applicable for cosmology also. So while extending this law to the cosmological entities, the dark energy conversion into the light energy phenomenon became possible and happened. This is the first step followed in the Universe Creation process. Thus the Dark Energy mystery is inferred finally.

what could be the boundary of the galaxy identified as sky?
Nobody is here without the knowledge of sky. Surely everybody knows about the sky up to some extent. OK; Fine.
Here we are going to discuss most technically about the sky. I believe that those who red continuously this “Universe Creation Secret” section from the beginning would surely have not forgotten the question that I asked “What is the boundary of the Galaxy or Universe?” in phase 2 part of the original article “The Theory of Three”. Here is the answer: If there is a light, then surely it should exhibit one of its properties like reflection, refraction, diffraction or polarization. Consequently depend on the requirement there should be vacuum or any material medium made of an optical thing to perform the actual intention of the light. So, in the context of the galaxy/Universe what could be the light? That is CMB (i.e. Cosmic Microwave Background). What is going to be the medium for the light or the boundary of the galaxy? That is the Sky. Obviously what property does the sky would exhibit? That is the refraction of light rays.
Therefore the sky should be a sole transparent optical arrangement (lens) acts as an intermediate medium of the light and the boundary for the entire galaxy. Hence as a lens the sky is receiving the light signal from the GLS and transmits into the galaxy. This phenomenon is detected readily by the astronomers referred to by the term called “Gravitational lensing” which can be a proof for the complete sky is a transparent optical object.

The Evidence for the sky functions as a lens for the light throughout the galaxy:
“Gravitational lensing” is a natural phenomenon by which light emitted from a distant object is bent by the gravity of the massive object such as galaxy or a galaxy cluster located in the foreground. The name gravitational lensing is derived from the fact that the gravity of the massive object acts like a lens.

Gravitational lensing effect demystified:
Now the Gravitational lensing effect can be verified with equivalent simple optical experiment equipped with a light source and a glass since it is confirmed that there is an interaction of CMB with the optical sky. All the gravitational lensing effects emphasize the refraction of light is happening when the light hit the galactic boundary it bends; the sky. Therefore the refractive material used for the experiment should be a glass Prism. After make the necessary equipment ready with proper arrangement start the experiment by focusing the white light over the prism on one side and notice the light bends (refracting) inside and emerged out of the prism on the opposite side. It is also determined the refracted and emerged rays of light consists a spectrum of colors of light ranging from violet to the red. Among them the violet is at the bottom and the red is at the top of the spectrum. This separation of white light into its individual colors is known as the dispersion of light.
We know that the speed of the light is not constant for all mediums. The speed would differ in vacuum and in other material medium. So obviously when the light is incident on the prism, every photon is interacting with the atom or molecule in it. Consequently the light bends up to some extent due to the optical (or resistive energy) density and traveling speed of all the individual component of the spectrum would vary by overcoming the internal energy. The wavelength of the light is inversely proportional to the energy density. So, rays with different wavelengths bend at different angles. Conversely the frequency of the light is directly proportional to its energy. Refraction exhibits the actual flavors of the rays in the incremental order based on the wavelength and frequency. The measure of refraction can be calculated by refractive index formula.
The refractive index is the ratio of the speed of light in the vacuum to the speed of light in a material. There is no standard unit for the index of the refraction. The refractive index of the light depends on the frequency of light in the medium. The refractive index is used to calculate the energy density of a given medium. The larger the index of refraction the higher the energy density is causing more bent of the light. Similarly the least bent is caused by smaller index of refraction with lower energy density and other colors fall somewhere between two extremes.

Figure 1 Prism along with the incidence of white light, refraction and emergence of the spectrum fall on the screen​

Therefore in the spectrum, refractive index of the violet light is larger than the refractive index of red light. So the light rays in the violet region moves slowly and bends down (or distorts) comparatively much. Because already we have seen the energy density distribution at the violet region is high due to the shorter wavelength and longer frequency. This phenomenon literally resembles cold dark matter behavior. On the other hand, due to the less refractive index the red light rays can travel very faster than the violet rays almost equal to the speed of the light contains lowest energy density. The red light has longer wavelength and shorter frequency. This is similar to the Hot Dark matter region.
Finally as soon as the rays emerged out the prism it forms an image of the spectrum on the obstacle acts as a screen in the path of the light. Rays deviated more strongly produce the outer halo which fades away with increasing angular distance from the center which is analogous to the halo caused by the cold and hot dark matter.
Based on our experimental verification, it is confirmed that the behavior of cold dark matter and hot dark matter along the periphery of the galaxy reveals us a big secret about the existence of the grand sky which is naturally composed of an infinite number of triangular glass prisms surrounding all galaxies interacting with the light. Therefore the sky can be understood as the combination of the cold and hot dark matter arranged alternatively that surrounds the galaxy. Thus the mystery of the gravitational lensing, cold and hot dark matter are deduced.
Since the thin optical layer that holds the hot and cold dark matter of the sky is comparatively smallest than the size of the galaxy, it is undetectable by the spectrometer observations. The following diagrams illustrate how the cold dark matter and hot dark matter are formed by the light with the companion sky and the halo effect in a galaxy.

Figure 2 Optical units of the sky composed of large prisms through the magnified telescopic view

Figure 3 Distortion of the light by the cold dark matter and hot dark matter interaction
with the natural single built-in prism unit of the sky and flattened halo in the magnified view

Fig. 4 The overall structure of the spiral galaxy with the background halo formation caused by the hot and cold dark matter

Caption: From the above diagram, it is shown that each and every point on the sky is sensitive to the light causes the formation of cold dark matter and hot dark matter alternatively throughout galaxy. This alternative energy distribution retains the neutrality of the galaxy overall energy.

Hence the sky composed of infinite number of triangular prisms confirms the support of ‘Three’ for its formation and thus obeys the law of three. Moreover the gravitational lensing effect obeys law of three by having tetrahedron (triangular pyramid) prism: incidence of light, internal refraction of light and emergence of light from the medium.


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Since, Chemist and Professionals in the chemistry field may have less chance to be aware of Astronomy I think if they have at least minimum knowledge about the cosmology and universe it would be good. Actually the fact is more than ninety per cent of the universe creation process involved only chemistry by creating and having all the chemical elements and molecules and also the chemistry is the major factor for the existence of the universe till date or until becomes extinct.
As long as the presence of the air and water in our surroundings, the living things can continue their life. As long as there is an availability of chemical elements present in the earth, the industrial revolution and development would continue. As long as the fuel is available in the sun and the stars the solar systems and the galaxy/universe can exist respectively. When we examine all these entities, it is clearly seen that all these are purely chemical in nature and having some special and unique chemical properties and thus strictly obey chemical laws even though all of them are at different extremes. So, based on this fact the chemists or chemistry professionals should only be the right persons and have the sole authority in exploring astronomy and revealing facts about it. Biologists may also take part in the astronomy since it is concerned with living things.
When the actual situation is like this, today many people have involved in this field and attempting to hypothesize the universe under the designation astrophysicists or cosmologists. Think about it. At last what happened you know? Even though they made non-stop examination of celestial objects, series of researches about universe and its creation over long decades of time they cannot provide clear-cut explanation about many mysterious things of astronomy that are monsters to them and not able to deduce a reliable theory. The current theories related to the cosmology are filled with conjectures and are often tantalizing.
Now, the astronomers are in the situation without knowing how to reveal all these bizarre things. With contradictory ideas and theories still they are arguing among themselves. Consequently all these anomalies causing them to deceive people like us in understanding the cosmology and the astronomical facts. Actually the contribution of physics is less than 8 per cent only in the universe creation and its functioning.
So I decided to hypothesize the universe creation from the chemistry aspect from the scratch on behalf of chemistry professionals like you around the world. This hypothesis led me to design a cloned version of the visible universe that covers both living things and non-living things such as rotating and revolutionary planets, moons, asteroids, comets, meteorites, sun and stars to extrapolate the cosmology and its functions based on chemistry aspect only.

The generally accepted thing pertaining to the Prior Universe history is before the universe created there was void everywhere along with the source of the universe, the imaginary clock (to be started ticks as soon as the Universe was created for referencing the primordial time) at rest and there had deep darkness. Actually since there had darkness everywhere, there was no way to measure time. This was the condition of the entire universe before 13.8 billion light years ago.
But as soon as the light source for the Grand Visible Universe was created, simultaneously the reference Time Clock also started running and thus the actual Time born. Light replaced Darkness.
Creation of the Universe might either be an accident or incident. It doesn’t matter but one remarkable thing had happened: That is; Just the Universe had been created. That is all. As soon as the Universe had been created, all the incidents intended to happen started happening one by one still happening and further to be happened in the future until the end of the universe. So based on the time, all these incidents happening are classified under “THREE MAJOR TIME PERIODS: Past, Present and Future”. They are: Past, Present and Future. Since both the time and the universe had started their journey simultaneously there is a close relationship between them. Among them the cosmology, i.e. the Past time period of the universe is only we are going to discuss in the chemistry aspect.
But before we start constructing our model universe, it is important to know the actual order that had been followed during the Universe creation in which we live. So with careful examination and study the cosmology, the universe creation methodology is developed under the title “The Universe creation template” with examples present in the original version of my article ‘The Theory of Three’ in detail. However due to space constraint, the template with simplified points pertaining to the cosmology only are given below for quick reference.


  1. First step in the universe creation is making ready the light source. Because obviously without light no work can be done in the darkness.
  2. Making ready the required resources and equipment necessary for the universe creation.
  3. Begin the universe creation by defining the boundary of the galaxy which is a three dimensional continuum made of transparent material which is going to act like a sky for the entire galaxy.
  4. So our work should start from the planetary system creation in which the earth should be the first terrestrial entity hold by the system as per the standard rule to be followed always for universe creation with the source.After earth’s creation complete,by using the same procedure make all the rest of the planets with the existing (scarce remnant) source available one by one as per the requirements and finish the planetary system construction.
  5. Next make the sun with the available source at the center of the planets and moon(s) closer to the planetary path to illuminate the planets during morning and night respectively. Thus the solar system is constructed.
  6. Finally create the accompanying stars for the solar system and establish at the remote location outside the solar system premises.
  7. Similarly follow the same procedure for the rest of the solar systems to be packed into the whole galaxy with the same resource we have. Ultimately, the entire galaxy is illuminated during morning and night by the sun, moons and the stars.
  8. Finally what the resources used and procedures followed above for the creation of an entire galaxy, the same thing should be repeated for all the galaxies in the universe. That’s all.
OK. The template for the universe creation is ready. Now it is the time to start our outstanding work of universe creation. When you read the template, perhaps it seems to be really ridiculous. But honestly I am saying. As soon as your reading completes up to the end of the article you would realize how perfectly the template matches with the actual universe creation in which we live as strong evidences so far detected by the telescopic viewers or scientists also given for reference.
While beginning our work, one important thing to be considered here is the chemical substances or elements supposed to be the source for the universe creation must compulsorily share common attribute in both living and non-living things irrespective of their sizes. Now we are not in the position from which chemical element, or molecule our work should start with even though it is confirmed that the visible universe is only made of chemical elements. When we consider the common property retained by all elements, we would come to know that all are made of atoms. But all of them are unique by having different atomic numbers lead us to make a broader classification. So, let us make alternate approach by taking the following hint:

[Hint: As per the astronomical observations, the hydrogen is the primordial element of the universe. While examining the element hydrogen, it reveals that it is non-polar in nature seen in the visible universe in different forms. At the same time we, while considering the counterpart the living things are polar in nature since there is a non-stop blood circulation in our body reveals we are all polarized. Because, the polarity of the blood only makes it to circulate confirms the life for all the living things to exist. Other different non-polar molecules are such as carbon-dioxide, methane, oxygen, etc.are also there while the water as a polar molecule exists in nature.

So, the method of classification of the universe just by at least under two entities polar and non-polar would be good. This also reveals us that all of the entities in the entire visible universe, fall either any one of the two categories as polar or non-polar in different forms naturally. Now it is clear that our analysis of universe creation should begin from the polar and non-polar aspect.]
All things in the visible universe ranging from living things (composed of cells) to the non-living things such as planets, sun, moon, and stars are polarized in nature meaning all of them have the property of exerting polarity due to their magnetic property. When we examine the celestial bodies of the universe by chemistry based view, it is understood that the planets, sun, moon(s) and stars could make rotation and revolution, because they are polar in nature. Thus all the celestial bodies are strictly obeying chemistry laws (rather than physics laws). As long as the celestial bodies could exhibit their polarity, they could retain their rotation and revolution. Similarly as long as there is a blood circulation in living things due to its polar property, the life could be active and exists.
So, now it is clear that we have to choose a chemical substance such that it should be the source for both living (polar) and non-living (non-polar) things of the universe whether it may be molecule of single element or a molecules of different types of elements from the chemistry aspect (Note: with a single element source cannot form polarity at all. Consequently there is no way to create universe at all. But the current theories about cosmology are based on this concept only.) Thus by molecular based analysis we can classify every molecule in the universe as Polar and Non Polar.
So, now it is the time to list out and segregate the available molecules as Non-polar and Polar. But how we can find a molecule as either polar or non-polar? By drawing a Lewis structure, introduces (a geometrical based theory called VSEPR (Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsive Theory) for finding the shape of the molecule, help us predicting which molecule is the polar and which is not? While drawing Lewis structure, identify each bond of the molecule as polar or non-polar based on the difference in electronegativity of the atoms in the bond. If the difference in electronegativity is less than 0.4 then the bond is said to be non-polar. On the other hand if the difference in electronegativity of the atoms is greater than 0.4 then the bond is Polar.
If there are no polar bonds, then the molecule is also non-polar. If the molecule has polar bonds in which there is only one atom at its centre, examine electron pair around it. If there are no lone pairs on the central atom and also the bonds to the central atom are the same, then the molecule is non-polar. If the central atom has at least one polar bond and the bonds to the central atom are not identical, the molecule may be Polar.
Determine the molecule whether it is symmetry or asymmetry based on the following steps.
Draw the polar bonds with the arrows pointing toward the more electronegative element. Use the length of the arrow to find the relative polarities of the different bonds. Longer arrow implies a greater difference in electronegativity which means the bond is Polar and if the arrow is shorter then there would be lesser difference in electronegativity causes the bond in non-polar. Finally examining the arrangement of the arrows is symmetrical or asymmetrical.
If the arrangement is symmetrical and the arrows are of equal length, the molecule is non-polar.In non-polar molecules, the atoms pull equally on the electrons and the charge distribution is uniform.Since non-polar molecules share their charges evenly, they do not react to electrostatic charges.For example, covalent molecules made of only one type of atom, like hydrogen gas, are non-polar because the hydrogen atoms share their electrons equally.
On the other hand when the arrows are of different lengths, and if they do not balance each other, the molecule is Polar where the arrangement is asymmetrical. Polar covalent molecules would exist whenever there is an asymmetry, or uneven distribution of electrons in a molecule (say SO2).
Thus based on the Lewis structure method the classification of following molecules fall under the category of either polar or non-polar:

(a) Non polar molecules
  1. Hydrocarbons (gasoline, toluene)
  2. Oxygen
  3. Nitrogen
  4. Chloride
  5. Hydrogen
  6. Noble gases, benzene, methane, ethylene, carbon tetrachloride

(b) Polar molecules
  1. alcohol
  2. water
  3. sulphur dioxide
  4. ethanol
  5. hydrogen sulphide
  6. bent molecules (those with a significant bond angle) in general

While we go through all these non-polar molecules, we can find hydrogen is most abundant gas in celestial objects such as sun and stars. But hydrogen alone cannot fulfill the complete requirement of the universe creation. Because, using hydrogen molecule alone there is no way to create a living thing. Moreover the hydrogen is very hazardous for living things as we have learnt from the Nagasaki and Hiroshima incidents. So let us move to the next non-polar molecule for scrutinizing.
Oxygen and nitrogen are non-polar molecules that could provide 100 per cent favorable conditions for living things. But obviously these two molecules cannot be used in creating celestial bodies.
Now we can conveniently ignore all other non-polar molecules in the list since they are completely irrelevant for the universe creation based on the possibilities with both cases (polar and non-polar entities). Therefore now let us start shortlisting the polar molecules very carefully one by one to know which one could be the responsible for the first and second phase of the Universe creation as per discussed in the universe creation template.
We already know that the matter spread throughout the universe is always is in different states (solid, liquid and gaseous) and almost remarkably has the property of state interchangeable. So our seeking of the right molecule or compound should also fulfill this requirement compulsorily. Because, when there is a resistance to the transformation of any material, deformation is impossible. This fact is applicable in case of universe creation also. So our focus of searching the raw molecule of the universe should be flexible for phase conversion.
By considering this fact while we shortlisting the possible molecules in the second list, obviously the ‘Water’ is the one and only molecule that could be flexible for state transformation of the matter without doubt: At the same time it is polar in nature that contains the primordial element of the universe ‘hydrogen’ which is non-polar which is responsible for the generation of all the chemical elements in the visible universe. On the other hand by having another constituent the non-polar oxygen; it could also create and make continue the life of living things. In other words a polar compound (water) composed of double non-polar constituents can produce the entire visible universe.
Thus we have deduced the molecule “The Water” is the right source from which the universe created.
In the beginning of this section of chemistry, we are not in the position how and from where to start our analysis. After careful examination of polar and non-polar molecules we could deduce the water as the right source for the universe creation. So obviously we can start universe creation from the construction of the earth using abundant water as a resource as per the template.
Our next work is finding the exact way to reach our final destination. That is determining the actual manufacturing chemical process to be involved to create celestial bodies such as sun and stars. (Beyond stars, so far nothing is observed as celestial objects.) To achieve such outstanding things, the simple chemical experiments can be carried out usually practiced in the laboratories. But the factors such as requirement of immense temperature, pressure and strong magnetic field, challenging the nuclear physicists to instigate this process on the earth even though some research is continuing in this area.
Now we have got a clear-cut procedure for our prototype universe to be created based on the template discussed above as per the following.

  1. Choosing the appropriate polar compound (Water)
  2. Subjecting the polar molecule water to state changing process for creating the solar
    systems consists of planets (containing living things) and sun and moon.
  3. Again the polar molecule is allowed for the state changing process to create other celestial objects such as stars.
  4. Creating and distributing of all the available non-polar chemical elements to the planets like earth from the sun and the stars.
  5. Make rotating and revolve all the celestial objects.
To achieve all such things the one and only way is to improve the enthalpy of the substance (water).
So, it is now clear the water (compound) could be the one and only source for the existing universe and also for our prototype universe and has to be subjected the water(s) to different processes to get variety of entities of the universe. Because, generally one material’s state conversion (phase changing) capability can only derive or create other things from itself”. In other words the transformation of original source (water in the solid or gaseous) into different states (hydrogen in gaseous or plasma form) with chemistry experiment is must.
So “Process of state changing of water” is our next assignment. Theoretically the method for Phase transition process of water is straightforward by subjecting Ice to melt in order to get liquid water, evaporation for getting hydrogen and oxygen gas from the water and finally ionizing the hydrogen continuously to get plasma. Alternative method is replacing the melting with sublimation process that speeds up the phase transition process that directly yields gaseous hydrogen and oxygen.

When we start analyze from the first step up to the end of the final process of the universe creation, it is important to ensure that our work is on the right track as per the format specified in the template. Because, the actual Universe creation should had been followed the template in this article. Here onward we start our work.
During creation of the actual universe, in which we live must also have had involved almost the same empirical Phase Transition method we are going to discuss below. Because I think according to the chemistry still there is no alternate method for state changing process of molecules.
The Water in the solid form (ice) shredded from the Waters (the infinite source of the Ice) should be the first step of the actual universe creation from which all things were created. Thus Water needed for the Universe creation made ready.
So, as per the template during the Universe creation process began, with the only primitive source the Water in the form of solid, that is; ice (after careful analysis), how it would been possible to proceed further to the next step in the universe creation or move to the next phase (liquid) by melting while there was no such natural apparatus like thing at all except ice?

a. Introduction of the Grand Light Source (GLS)
As per we discussed “. . . making ready the light source” in the first point of the template. The equivalent term for the light source defined in the original article is GLS, that is; “Grand Light Source” technically referred to the two remarkable variants of the electromagnetic spectrum CIB (expanded as Cosmic Infrared Background) and CMB (expanded as Cosmic Microwave Background) which are one of the primordial Grand Light Sources of the actual universe literally detected by the astronomers.
Then with the help of the GLS, the sky had been organized. The Nature of the Infrared radiation has the property of melting Ice which is usually practiced in all Ice melting experiments in the labs. Moreover this infrared ray is used for short range communication only in the Bluetooth devices such as wireless mouse, speakers, headset etc. Now we could understand the intention why the GLS (CIB) should been to be the first entity of the grand universe.

b. Making the Sky and Create the Earth as the first entity of the Solar system
Before started Galaxy or Universe creation, as per we discussed earlier a wall (boundary) should had been constructed in the form of ellipsoid. Then beginning the universe creation from the planetary system(s) without sun especially with earth like water rich (oceanic) planets is a good idea. Because, comparatively the earth is only much water rich or requiring planet among other planets especially for the life of living things it holds. If it so gradual phase transition could be easily maintained. Actually, the earth only created at first before the other planets and the sun in our solar system.
Therefore the portion of the water (enough for the construction of a planet like earth at least) segregated from the Water should been melted with CIB. Thus the abundant Water (the majority is Ice block) segregated from the Waters can be considered as the oceans of the earth.

c. Explanation about the evolution phases of the Universe
Other variant of the GLS, the primordial cosmic microwave background could effectively electrolysed (or by direct sublimation of Major Ice block without melting using CMB the water) the portion of the liquid oceans of the Water treated as electrolyte and could dissociated into gaseous hydrogen and oxygen. Because, the microwave, the best source for electrolyzing the water into hydrogen and oxygen. It is also used for long range communication in the communication devices such as mobile, satellites etc. During electrolysis of the ocean of Water, the hydrogen was deposited in the area would be treated as cathode whereas the oxygen deposited at the terrestrial or planetary location (anode).
Keep in mind these two of the flavors of electromagnetic spectrum cannot be applied conversely for efficacy reasons. That is using the Microwave radiation for melting ice does not yield good result and vice versa. As a result using the two primordial light sources, the earth with excessive water content in the form of oceans had been created. The Sun and the Moon creation completed only after all the planets of the solar systems were formed. So, after the earth creation completed, rest of the planets with unique properties had been created and installed.
Next thing is to be considered is how the Sun had been obtained? We know during the electrolysis of water for the construction of every planet at the anode location,the hydrogen would be deposited at the cathode area in the larger amount up to some unimaginable (infinite) level. At last this hydrogen deposition could have had been treated as a sun. Later, the natural satellites (moons) of the planets had been made by the same electrolysis method by treated the sun as the cathode using the remnant of the water proximity to the planets.This is how the solar system had been made ready.This process revealed us that how and why the moon(s) could have water deposition recently detected by the astronomers.
Once the process completed up to this level, one more thing to be analyzed is how the Stars for the solar system were created and installed. Again the same electrolysis method followed for sun’s creation should had been followed for creating stars. Because, the star is nothing but a heavier massive celestial object that has similar attributes of a sun. Finally the stars in the solar system premise must had been created and installed with the second lot of Water deposit. The same procedure had been followed for the rest of the billions (as per the current astronomical data) of the solar systems in the
Milky Way galaxy with Water.
The scientists found the composition of the sun and the stars is in the plasma state of the hydrogen. Therefore, the dissociated form of the hydrogen in the form of gas had to be proceeded to the one more step called Plasma state. How it could have had been achieved? The same cosmic microwave background helped in ionizing the hydrogen into plasma. Thus as soon as the sun and the stars installed in the solar system and for the entire galaxy respectively were ionized, all the planets and moon(s) rotation, sun, asteroid, meteoroids, comets, solar system, stars and galaxy would got polarized.
Thus the entire galaxy started functioning by the orbit of the moon(s) around the planets which in turn the planets were able to rotate and revolve around the sun in the solar systems and the sun itself can rotate about its axis. Simultaneously the stars in the galaxy started rotating. Consequently all the celestial objects started functioning and the living things also became to be existed.Likewise all the billions of galaxies were formed and functioning in the visible universe.
For all these chronology of the universe creation explained here, there are strong evidences given at the end of this section of the article. So, our universe to be created also has to be followed this order only in order to retain consistency. We are going to discuss about this deeply in the following sections by experimenting completely a new universe to be created in our imaginary chemistry lab.

First step in the prototype universe creation is making ready a sky. Since function of the sky is completely related to physics, the chemistry professional don’t need to worry about this. However the making of sky involves only chemical reaction to form an optic lens material. So, let us imagine we now have the readily available sky which is ellipsoid in shape and also have a light source.
So, for our prototype universe the portion of the Water source (ice) should be shredded from the Waters (in the form of large mass of Ice). We start our work from the earth’ creation as per given in the template. With the help of the Infrared radiation the divided Water should be subjected to phase transition to get liquid water by melting. Then electrolysis of water by applying microwaves yields hydrogen and oxygen gas and leaves the oxygen at the terrestrial location (anode) along with some remaining portion of the water and the segregated hydrogen would be at the heliocentric area (Cathode) almost at the center. (One more option is Sublimation of Ice blocks into hydrogen and oxygen gas by infrared or microwave radiation.)
The electrolysis equation that causes for the water rich planet like earth is given as:


Note the number of hydrogen molecules produced in the heliocentric area is thus twice the number of oxygen molecules in the terrestrial location during electrolysis. By maintaining equal temperature and pressure for both gases, the produced hydrogen gas has twice the volume of the produced oxygen gas. The number of electrons passed through the water is twice the number of generated hydrogen molecules and two times the number of generated oxygen molecules.Therefore for every electrolysis the hydrogen deposition is doubled the oxygen deposit. All these effects are actually reflected in the size and mass of the sun and also in case of stars.

While repeating the above methods continuously up to some extent (infinite if possible) such that the water content is maximum in the terrestrial location (say more than 70%) compared to other planets yet to be created in the solar system premises, the bulk hydrogen would be deposited in the heliocentric area, consequently the oxygen deposition would also be increased gradually up to some extent at the oxygen repository surrounding the terrestrial location.
Finally when we consider the water deposition as oceans, the oxygen gas (O
3) repository in the surroundings as ozone layer jointly we would get afresh planet like earth successfully as more than 70% of it is covered with water (in the form of Ice as in the case of oceans in our earth) and surrounds by the ozone layer.
After the earth created the remnant thing is only small amount of water (separated from the Water) in the solar system premises. So, obviously the rest of the planets cannot be a water rich planet like earth due to the scarce amount of the water since excessive amount is utilized for the earth creation already. Consequently the origin of the living things is rare in these planets. The same reason is also the case in the actual solar system where so far there is no trace for living things in the planets other than earth.
So, with remaining portion of the scarce water the same process electrolysis, applied for the earth’s creation can be repeated for the rest of the planets creation one by one in our prototype solar system by restricting hydrogen and oxygen content in order to achieve non-living thing planet as per the actual solar system we live. One of the following equations indicates the creation planets of non-living things.


Reference to the Geography section of the original article “The Theory of Three”
During planetary evolution of the planet like earth, after water deposition (ocean) completes the next phase is land formation. Actually the land area would form during the evolution phase of the earth as per the law of three. So, during this phase due to immense temperature and the variation in pressure in the mantle or crust of the earth, the Triple point Boundary (the boundary between three phases) is formed where the matter in all the three states having common junction causes the formation of magma and release it outside the surface of the earth.
Later the magma or lava in the molten state would become solidified during cooling leads to the formation of one of the types of rocks called Igneous. Afterwards, these igneous rocks cause the formation two other types of rocks called sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Simultaneously further growth of these rocks is developed as mountains. Over elapsed time all these rocks would become the source for all the minerals in the form of different types of sand on the earthsuch as silica. Similarly, another type of rock called Regolith formed in earth and also in moon, asteroid, and mars that act as a storage of water. This is how generally the geographical area (land) of the earth and other planets had been formed in the real world. The main reason for the formation of volcanoes is also due to these incidents. This is how the land formation happened in the earth and other planets.
Then rename the hydrogen deposit at the heliocentric area as the ‘SUN’. Further segregation of the water from the small remnant source may help establishing moon(s) by treating it as anode during electrolysis for all the planets.After completing sun and moon, one more important work pendingis, the “Stars Creation”. How it could be done? Exactly, the same technique used for the creation of sun can be applied for the stars for their creation. Because, actually the stars are supergiant of the sun composed mainly of same hydrogen and other chemical elements present three times more than in the sun.

Reference from Physics section of the original article “The Theory of Three” explains why the planets and the sun are spherical in nature:
The Gravitational force affects all astronomical objects (Celestial bodies). It is type of force exerts equal strength of force in all directions. As a result the gravitational force tends to accumulate (concentrate) the whole mass (shape) of anything into rounded form. This is why all the celestial bodies particularly planets and stars have nearly spherical shape. The main reason for this effect is INNER CORE SHOULD BE MADE OF HOT LIQUID.

During planets and the sun creation, the hydrogen deposit electrode, were treated as cathode and the electrode of oxygen deposition as anode. But in case of stars what could act like anode while the hydrogen deposition electrode as cathode? Something has to be there to surrogate the planets of the solar system during the stars creation. So, to carry on electrolysis while considering the star as cathode, one strange entity which is found by the scientists more recently is supposed to be used as anode. That is ‘Exoplanet’.

The nature of the exoplanet is orbiting around a star most probably by pairs. Because during planets and the sun creation, the entities (planets) could be treated as anode for each of their creation while the sun functions constantly as cathode without any problem. But in case of Stars, since there is no anodic thing explicitly other than exoplanet, we can confirm this exoplanet only helped in conducting electrolysis for the stars development in the actual universe. So, the stars can be constructed with the accompanying exoplanets. Therefore, the number of stars should be approximately equal to the number of the exoplanets for a solar system. Now the stars are ready by the same electrolysis work that control corresponding solar system.
Now the whole process can be repeated until complete the at the most solar systems creation with the corresponding sun and moons by using the method of double Water source per solar system (one for planets and the sun and the other is for the stellar that is; stars and exoplanets creation) into our prototype galaxy.
This is applicable throughout the entire galaxy which in turn all the galaxies in the universe. Say for example, if there are one million-one billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy, then there would be equally one million-one billion exoplanets in the galaxy. It is also now revealed that the size of the sun is closely related to the number of electrolysis process happened in the solar system whereas the size of the stars are also determined by the total number of electrolysis chain reaction happened for the particular star.
Proof for number of exoplanets with the stars in the Milky Way galaxy in the following websites:


All the above equations (i) through (iii) also reveal us one great secret about astronomy. That is that there is a direct proportion between the size of the sun or star and the electrolysis of the molecules. Note that how the rate of hydrogen deposition at the heliocentric area is increasing exponentially during every planet creation. Therefore the contribution of the hydrogen gas to the hydrogen deposition per every planetary creation only causes the formation of comparatively larger volume, heavier mass, and higher density heliocentric object; the Sun in the solar system. This is the major reason for why the size and mass of the sun is heavier than other planets in the actual solar system and at the same time the stars are greater than sun in the galaxy.
At last, while simultaneously applying microwave again to the sun of the individual solar systems and the stars of the entire galaxy all the sun and the stars of the galaxy would be ionized at a time.
Once, all these celestial objects the sun and the stars are ionized all get polarized. What about terrestrial body (Planet)? By default it is a polarized body from the beginning itself (since it holds polar molecule water). As a result planets start rotation and revolution around the rotating sun which in turn the entire solar system(s) could make revolution around the central object (supermassive black hole) in the galaxy. Later during the evolution phase of the solar systems the asteroid, meteorites and comets will be formed and seen rotating and revolving around sun as a planet.
Now only one thing is pending. That is; make dwelling living things in our prototype earth. To achieve this, already we know the planets we created specifically earth would be surrounded completely by fog, mist and snow due to the maximum portion of the ocean is ice. This causes continuous mist throughout icy planet. But, once after placing the sun at the right center in the solar system it starts functioning by emitting sunlight over all the snow covered planets particularly over the snow formation above the earth’s atmosphere, and melting it causes the shower of icy rain over the planet that would be really a blessing for the newly born living things. Consequently the living things may start their life and dwell on our newly created earth.The artificial sun also helps the living things to exist continuously by raining by coordinate with the sea in the earth which is missing in other prototype planets we created due to the scarce amount of water trapped only in their inner core.
Generally during house construction after building work complete, sometimes the raw materials like sand, bricks, etc. may be remnant up to some extent. Because, estimating the accurate required source needed for the construction work prior to start without wastage is very difficult. In case of the actual cosmology also it is noticed: After created solar systems some excess water may be still there surrounding the sun in the form of hydrogen and oxygen. Then some other elements are also there that can be utilized for some special purposes.
Finally the overall processes (done for all the solar systems in a galaxy) can proceed for the maximum number of galaxies intended to be placed in our prototype universe.
Hence our rudimentary universe creation work is completed.

Finally it is revealed the when the water in the solid form gets phase transformed into liquid by melting oceans get formed; electrolyzing the liquid water content dissociates the oxygen from the hydrogen leads to the planet (like earth) formation with the liquid content as oceans and the oxygen as atmosphere; while ionization of hydrogen into plasma led to the creation of all celestial bodies like sun and stars. This is referred to the most familiar term ‘Accretion’ in astronomy.

Consequently the Deuterium in the form of plasma in the sun and stars are now ready to generate and distribute the rest of the lighter elements in the universe by nuclear fusion method all the remaining heavier elements can be obtained as in the case of real world. Further missing heavier elements are originated from the supernova explosion. Scientists believe that the establishment of different types of atmospheres around billions of planets in all of the galaxies are caused remarkably by the above two nuclear reactions happened in the stars during different stages of the evolution phase of the universe.
Astronomers are claiming that all the elements are generated in the stars due to the nuclear fusion start from the hydrogen isotope deuterium (having one proton and one neutron). But as long as the stellar evolution is concerned the initial state of the hydrogen was only protium (having only one proton without neutron) and not deuterium. So in this situation actually what had happened? Without doubt the process beta decay had happened in both of our prototype and the actual universe. Because, Beta Decay is the only process that has the capability to convert proton into neutron and vice versa. Therefore before the nuclear fusion process started the protons of protium up to some extent had been converted into neutrons and automatically added to the closest protium atom. This phenomenon caused the formation of the Deuterium immediately. This chain reaction would continue such that the Protium-Deuterium conversion process attained the capacity to generate the elements from helium to Iron (Because this is the nuclear fusion limit hold by the stars).
Simultaneously the neutrons would have been converted into protons. Consequently enormous amount of positrons, neutrinos, electrons and antineutrinos would have been emitted in which most of the positrons and electrons would be annihilated into photons and finally the left overs are the remaining positrons, electrons, neutrinos and antineutrinos as by-products which are distributed throughout the universe. This is the secret revealed how and why there are abundant neutrinos and antineutrinos are available in the universe. As soon as the requirement of the Deuterium is fulfilled, the Deuterium generation process would be stopped. This is the actual fact behind the term so-called ‘Nucleosynthesis’ which was happened prior to nuclear fusion starts in the stars.
At low energies, the result of the collision is the annihilation of the electron and positron, and the creation of energetic photons (gamma radiation). At high energies, other particles, such as B mesons or the W and Z Bosons, can be created. All processes satisfy the conservation laws.
Finally the Nuclear fusion process starts. The remarkable elements generated during nuclear fusion are from hydrogen up to Iron in the stars. Among them hydrogen, helium, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, silicon and Iron alone are selectively retained by the stars permanently along with it in which hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, silicon and Iron are hold for some special purposes (which is described in-depth in the original article “The theory of Three”.
[For the Heliocentric physicists, still there is a non-deducible mystery about why the temperature of sun’s inner core is comparatively lower than its corona. Those who have completed reading up to this portion of the article without lose continuity can get ready answer for this elusive thing.]

Fig. A
Clear-cut chemistry based approach of solar system creation
Caption: The above schematic diagram shows, demystifying the solar system. If the foundation is strong then the construction over it would be consistent at all levels. Moreover if we examine the above picture we can also understand why the earth had to be the first planet of the solar system for creation as a water rich content essential for living things. In the diagram, the wavy arrow lines represent the path showing how the Water is distributed from the Ocean of Waters to the planets for their creation via earth the most water utilized one and the dotted arrow lines indicate the elements hold by the planets, transmitted from the stars which is described in detail in the original article and also the contents of the sun and stars.
Moreover based on the explanation given in the caption of Figure A. it is clearly understood that our prototype universe creation (including the real existing universe) work has occurred in the gradual order begin from solar system formation most specifically from the water rich planet like earth contains both living and non-living things and ends with celestial bodies.
On the other hand if we start our work by the reverse process, that is from Deuterium as per the current belief on cosmology by the astronomers and cosmologists if we attempt to create the universe it may yield few small sized stars due to the scarce of deuterium availability in the universe. But beyond certain level the process would require protium in order to create the solar systems filled with mainly the abundant water and the earth that has living things where there is no way to get it by any chemical process.
While we attempt to do all these universe creation process practically we must keep in mind one important thing. Even though the chemistry processes discussed in our methodology to be practically easy to carry on, they could be feasible only after careful study about improved version nuclear fusion reactor so-called ‘tokomak’ must be specialized for dual purpose capable for hydrogen production with built-in electrolyzer and for elements generation in the scenario and then design and implementation of it.


Based on our experimental analysis of galaxy/universe creation now it is clearly understood that to carry out electrolysis with water and further ionization process in the gaseous state for plasma hydrogen that forms the sun and stars, prior phase transition of the water is required (i.e. melting) to obtain liquid form of the electrolyte. This fact strongly reveals us that the order of the real galaxy/universe creation had begun with water rich planet of the solar system(s), which is actually followed in our prototype universe rather than from the celestial bodies like stars etc. Now, it is time to verify this order based on the following illustrations.
When we examine the plasma state of stars, we could see the presence of Deuterium in them. But already we know there is one more isotope of hydrogen prior to Deuterium that consists of only one proton and one electron and has no neutron at all. Moreover it is also shown to obtain Deuterium the Protium in the form of a hydrogen pair ‘HH’ is the only way. When we compare the protium with our experimentally verified water source of the universe it is seen that it perfectly compatible with the water molecule. That is the molecular representation of Hydrogen H2 in the water is same as the protium’s double H molecule; both of them having two numbers of hydrogen without neutron which means the isotope of hydrogen holds by the water is protium.
This fact realizes us that where the source of protium is rich there the galaxy/universe creation would start. Now we can deduce directly that Galaxy/Universe creation begun with Protium rich solar systems in order to retain the gradual order in cosmology and not with Deuterium made stars or any other hydrogen isotope at all.Why the solar systems is protium abundant means the majority of water sources are available only in the solar system in the form of earth, moon, other planets, asteroid, etc.

This fact is also confirmed by the actual estimation of the protium in the actual universe as follows.


It is seen that the protium is the most abundant isotope of hydrogen which is estimated about 99.9 per cent. While,protium accounts for more than 99.98% the deuterium accounts for only 0.015% (0.03% by mass) which is negligible of all the naturally occurring hydrogen in the oceans of the earth in the solar systems.
Reference site: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrogen_isotope_biogeochemistry

Most recently, the following title of the news“Much of Earth's Water Is Older Than the Sunfrom the website

https://www.space.com/27256-earth-water-older-than-sun.html- By Mike Wall September 25, 2014]

Confirms and literally matches our predictions about the origin of the galaxy (say Milky Way) alwaysstarts from any water rich planet like earth in the solar system as “the ocean in our earth is much older than the sun”.
The following is given as one more evidence for the galaxy/universe creation begun from the water rich planet earth in the solar system and not anywhere else for reference. In this context it does not literally mean the earth and solar system in which we live whose age is approximately 4.6 billion years. Actually it refers to some water rich planet like our earth in the remote primordial solar system of the oldest galaxy whose age is 13.8 billion light years at the time of universe origin.
From the beginning of our prototype universe creation, we are able to understand how it is continuously related to the format given in the template perfectly when I extrapolated the chemistry processes by actual reasons at every step. So now I hope those who made complete reading the above article continuously has cleared that the template formulated is the right methodology for the actual universe creation and also that our prototype universe without doubt. So it is the best exemplar for those who are willing to practice the universe creation in the future help as a guide.

Explanation about the fact that deuterium cannot be the right primordial source for the cosmology:
Conversely if we start the universe creation by begin with the celestial bodies like stars with only scarce amount of Deuterium, it seems to be feasible. But at certain stage one question would be readily awaited for us asking what you are going to do to have protium for generating water, living things etc.Perhaps suppose the same method had been followed in the actual universe creation, it would be abruptly end in the intermediate stage of the primordial stellar evolution and the process might not went beyond further led surely to the completely messed up situation led surely to the completely messed up situation. Obviously both of us would not be here now for our email communication. Actually all the astronomers and cosmologists around the world believing and following these conjecture theories and also attempt to explore the cosmology with this aspect.
In the current theories of cosmology, at any instant the origin of the protium is not disclosed at all while the requirement of protium is much for solar system making. At the same time Beta decay also is not yet proposed along with this model.So, in order to obtain protium the nuclear fusion started from Deuterium has to be reverted back to its original state from any intermediate level which is completely meaningless and also against the chemistry fundamental rule. Because in chemistry practically there is no way to interrupt a chain of chemical reactions by another different chemical process like pausing the nuclear fusion after some stage of transmutation, involving beta decay as in-between process and attempt to restart the nuclear fusion from where it ends may become completely mess up and finally end with failure or ramifications.


So based on the above facts derived, it is concluded that “WATER COULD BE THE PREMORDIAL SOURCE FOR THE ENTIRE VISIBLE UNIVERSE” rather than hydrogen.
In this article when we read continuously from the beginning the ‘Three’ is hidden as Three states (solid liquid and gases) of the matter, Three Phases of the Universe (Creation, Evolution and Devastation in which Creation phase is discussed here), in three different times (Past, Present and Future).
Apart from this the ‘Water’ in the form of Three H
2O (double hydrogen and one oxygen) is the one and only source for the universe creation.

ONLY SELECTED GLOSSARY OF ASTRONOMY – Reference for Chemistry professionals



A small planetary body in orbit around the Sun, larger than a meteoroid but smaller than a planet. Most asteroids can be found in a belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. The orbits of some asteroids take them close to the Sun, which also takes them across the paths of the planets.



A large grouping of stars. Galaxies are found in a variety of sizes and shapes. Our own Milky Way galaxy is spiral in shape and contains several billion stars. Some galaxies are so distant the their light takes millions of years to reach the Earth.


A mutual physical force of nature that causes two bodies to attract each other.



An element consists of one electron and one proton. Hydrogen is the lightest of the elements and is the building block of the universe. Stars form from massive clouds of hydrogen gas.



A term used to describe water or a number of gases such as methane or ammonia when in a solid state.


A region of charged particles in a planet's upper atmosphere. In Earth's atmosphere, the ionosphere begins at an altitude of about 25 miles and extends outward about 250.

Iron Meteorite

A meteorite that is composed mainly of iron mixed with smaller amounts of nickel.


Light Year

An astronomical unit of measure equal to the distance light travels in a year, approximately 5.8 trillion miles.


The amount of light emitted by a star.


*Magnetic Field

A condition found in the region around a magnet or an electric current, characterized by the existence of a detectable magnetic force at every point in the region and by the existence of magnetic poles.

*Magnetic Pole

Either of two limited regions in a magnet at which the magnet's field is most intense.


The area around a planet most affected by its magnetic field. The boundary of this field is set by the solar wind.

Major Planet

A name used to describe any planet that is considerably larger and more massive than the Earth, and contains large quantities of hydrogen and helium. Jupiter and Neptune are examples of major planets.


A measure of the total amount of material in a body, defined either by the inertial properties of the body or by its gravitational influence on other bodies.


A word used to describe anything that contains mass.


A term used by astronomers to describe all elements except hydrogen and helium, as in "the universe is composed of hydrogen, helium and traces of metals". This astronomical definition is quite different from the traditional chemistry definition of a metal.


A small particle of the rock or dust that burns away in the Earth's atmosphere. Meteors are also referred to as shooting stars.



A cloud of dust and gas in space, usually illuminated by one or more stars. Nebulae represent the raw material the stars are made of.

Nuclear Fusion

The nuclear process whereby several small nuclei are combined to make a larger one whose mass is slightly smaller than the sum of the small ones. Nuclear fusion is the reaction that fuels the Sun, where hydrogen nuclei are fused to form helium.



The path of a celestial body as it moves through space.



The apparent change in position of two objects viewed from different locations.


A particle of light composed of a minute quantity of electromagnetic energy.


A celestial body orbiting a star or stellar remnant that is massive enough to be rounded by its own gravity, is not massive enough to cause thermonuclear fusion, and has cleared its neighbouring region of planetesimals.

Planetary System

A group of planets except the sun


A form of ionized gas in which the temperature is too high for atoms to exist in their natural state. Plasma is composed of free electrons and free atomic nuclei.



Energy radiated from an object in the form of waves or particles.

Radio Galaxy

A galaxy that gives off large amounts of energy in the form of radio waves.

Red Giant

A stage in the evolution of a star when the fuel begins to exhaust and the star expands to about fifty times its normal size. The temperature cools, which gives the star a reddish appearance.


The spin of a body about its axis.



A natural or artificial body in orbit around a planet.

Solar System

Solar system is composed of planets, asteroid, meteoroid and comets make rotation and revolve around the sun.


The range of colours that make up visible white light. A spectrum is produced when visible light passes through a prism.

Spiral Galaxy

A galaxy that contains a prominent central bulge and luminous arms of gas, dust, and young stars that wind out from the central nucleus in a spiral formation. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is a spiral galaxy.


A giant ball of hot gas that creates and emits its own radiation through nuclear fusion.


A supernova is a cataclysmic explosion caused when a star exhausts its fuel and ends its life. Supernovae are the most powerful forces in the universe. All of the heavy elements were created in supernova explosions.

Supernova Remnant

An expanding shell of gas ejected at high speeds by a supernova explosion. Supernova remnants are often visible as diffuse gaseous nebulae usually with a shell-like structure. Many resemble "bubbles" in space.



An instrument that uses lenses and sometimes mirrors to collect large amounts of light from distant objects and enable direct observation and photography. A Telescope can also include any instrument designed to observe distant objects by their emissions of invisible radiation such as x-rays or radio waves.


A term used to describe anything originating on the planet Earth.

Terrestrial Planet

A name given to a planet composed mainly of rock and iron, similar to that of Earth.



Electromagnetic radiation at wavelengths shorter than the violet end of visible light. The atmosphere of the Earth effectively blocks the transmission of most ultraviolet light, which can be deadly to many forms of life.


Visible Light

Wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation that are visible to the human eye.



The distance between consecutive crests of a wave. This serves as a unit of measure of electromagnetic radiation.



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Even though the universe seems to be more complex structure composed of infinite number of things including both living and non-living things, actually on physics aspect all of them would fall under some special category called ‘Three’. That is all the things in the universe can be classified under simply three. How? In case of Matter it is accompanied by two more things; Dark Matter and Antimatter. So totally there are three. Similarly, energy of the universe is decomposed into Light Energy, Non-light energy (say potential energy) and Dark Energy. These are the strong evidences for the universe is made of three’s. So if we can explain about the cosmology or universe based on this classification means then every mystery about the world would come to an end. Thus simply the ‘Three’ is a key to unlock the secrets and mysteries of the universe.

So, first in order to understand the actual fact behind this outstanding powerful number Three and how it affects the entire universe when I made in-depth research about it led me formulating a afresh theory under the title “The Theory of Three” that also contains a new law called “The law of Three” helped me deduce the most mysterious things such as the dark energy, dark matter and the supermassive black hole in the world not yet revealed. Dark matter mystery is solved and explained in the version I of the article. This version reveals the mystery of the dark energy. There is a detailed description about everything in the original article the Theory of Three. Only the required portion from the article is given and explained here for reference.

During creation of the universe ranging from living things such as microorganisms up to giant celestial objects a complex technologies had been involved at different level particularly chemistry. To get idea about the Universe creation, after knew the right procedures followed in the cosmology, examined the chronological order, I have developed the universe creation methodology under the title “The Universe creation template” that defines the format of the actual universe creation with examples present in the original version of my article ‘The Theory of Three’ in detail. With the template, I could deduce the actual source of the grand universe, and from the universal law “Law of Three”, the mystery of dark energy, dark matter and the Supermassive black hole could be revealed so far not yet solved. So here is the law:


Almost things are composed of ‘Three’ as inseparable and the rest are “Three dependent things” either directly or indirectly. In the later-case, if there is a disturbance in the system on its three dependence just by at least one third (1/3) of its composition, then it would be vulnerable to affect the remaining two other one thirds or collectively two thirds (2/3) of it cause the whole system unity or end.

The COSMOLOGY The Importance Of Light

The cosmologists and astronomers detected the Cosmic Microwave radiation as the primordial light source that serve as the clock for the complete lifespan of the universe describes its timescale as 13.8 billion light years. Before the formation of the grand light source there was surely nothing except the darkness. We have to examine about this relic light source carefully in order to deduce the actual cause for these cosmic microwave background (CMB).
When we analyze this light source on physics aspect, it reveals us that these light sources are purely energy and nothing more than that. Before universe creation in the empty or void situation except deep darkness if this primordial light energy sources could be formed means then it is implicitly confirmed there would be some sort of prior energy hidden in the darkness from which only this light energy could have been derived. When we attempt to seek such energy in the darkness, only possible energy in those dooms period could be the dark energy. Yes! “The Dark Energy” This is the proof for that the dark energy is the only source from which the light energy (CMB) of the visible universe formed.
This deduction leads us to consider one important Physics law called “The Law of Conservation of Energy”. The Law of Conservation of Energy states that “Energy can neither be created; nor be destroyed. But can be transformed from one form to another”. Now this law is applicable for cosmology also. So while extending this law to the cosmological entities, the dark energy conversion into the light energy phenomenon became possible and happened. This is the first step followed in the Universe Creation process.
Thus the Dark Energy mystery is inferred finally.

In the real universe can we mean particularly something as completely independent without depend on other controversial things and can exhibit it as stable and remain constant over long period of time? Not of Course. Generally always in our society among us there are full of contradictions, paradoxes, good things and bad things, rich and poor, those who got succeed that becomes failure for some others, when there are educated, compulsorily counterparts uneducated are there. Truth waits patiently until the expiry of the lies. And when life of us can continue to exist, others are not at all or no more; Desert areas are counterbalanced by at the most rainfall regions, thus the controversial things are always there in all cases.
Not only in the general cases like above, but also can be noticed in all the technical areas: positive and negative charge while there is a neutral, the two extremes of the insulator as good conductor and bad conductor, polar and non-polar materials in dielectrics, north pole and south pole at the two ends of a non-polar region, likewise the list extends in physics and other fields. All these controversies have extended from simple to complex things, visible to invisible things throughout the universe. But why there are contradictions in all cases? To, maintain the overall neutrality.
Thus on physics aspect all the entities in the entire universe fall under three major classifications based on their magnetic property. That is; they may be either polar or non-polar or neutral. So, both polar and non-polar force, attract and like poles repel each other. So, based on these facts only we are going to deduce dark energy.

Dark Energy
While reconsidering here the dark energy from different aspect, we can notice that it is repelling nature that repels the light source around it. So, obviously two opposite forces are acting at the proximity of the dark energy and light energy ensures both are magnetized. This is actually happening due to the fact that “always the like poles of the magnets repel each other” in the sense both the dark energy and light energy are originated from same magnetizing energy source exhibit similar polarity cause them to repel each other.
So, as long as the energy (irrespective of its type) is concerned, the form of it is always interchangeable without loss emphasizing that all types of energies are obeying the law of conservation of energy. Ultimately the overall energy is retained. This principle can be understood clearly as follows:
While considering the universe as a good container of different forms of energies, it can hold conversely thermal and electrical energy, potential and kinetic energy. Likewise the dark energy and light energy. A good conductor can conduct both heat and electricity. Practically thermal energy can be converted into electrical energy. However when the thermal energy is increased due to the high temperature in the conductor it resists current flow. Similarly the kinetic energy is the opposite of the potential energy even though both are interchangeable. The greater the potential energy the lesser energy becoming is kinetic.
So, all these alternate energy conversions are inversely proportional to each other in order to retain balance or equilibrium condition as per the law of conservation of energy. We have also strong evidences for them. So, consequently when we extend these globally practiced and verified experiments to the universal entities dark and light energies, it obviously suggests the same would be the result as they were practiced here on the earth.
That is, it also implies that we can confirm that the primordial light energy cosmic microwave background of the universe is literally obtained from the primitive dark energy without doubt. Thus we have a strong proof for my prediction about dark energy is literally correct as per the physics law.
Therefore, the light energy is the segregated energy of the overall energy composition of the universe. After universe created, in order to ensure energy neutrality throughout the universe to date (or up to the life span of the universe) both energies needed to be maintained in the equilibrium condition and also continuously happening. So, while manipulating these energies, the values taken for both energies should be such that the consolidated (vector sum of) energies should be cancelled out each other. That is; the net energy of the entire universe is zero or balanced. Therefore,
Total Energy of the universe (TE) = Dark Energy (DE) + Energy of the visible universe (E)
But the actual estimation of the dark energy in the universe is nearly 75 per cent. Therefore the composition of the energy in the visible side is 25 per cent. So in order to attain balanced condition the equation can be rewritten as:
Total % Energy of the universe = 75% Dark energy + 25% Visible energy
Therefore Total Energy of the universe – Dark energy – visible energy = 0
In order to differentiate dark energy the unit may be dark joules ‘dj’ as in the case of energy is measured in joules (j).
When we write the counterpart of the light energy the equation may be expressed as cosmological constant (or can be replaced with energy density variation of scalar field in space and time) aspect:
So Overall dark energy = Cosmological constant (Ʌ)
Let E is the overall energy including light energy, kinetic and potential energy etc. of the visible universe.
Total Energy of the universe = Ʌ + E which in turn the Total Energy of the universe – Ʌ – E = 0

Since the light energy is the derivative of the dark energy, initially the local scalar fields which are changing in space extremely at slower rate conversely the speed of light in order to retain the neutrality of the Universe’s energy like the potential energy that counterbalances the kinetic energy of a body or vice versa.

If the force exerted by the dark energy and light energy are equal and opposite consequently both energies are also same to retain neutral condition in the universe.
The DARK ENERGY MYSTERY: The Expansion of the Universe
The Expanding Universe — Almost for the past 90 years it is an unsolved mystery for the astronomers. For all of them I am suggesting one important thing. Generally when there are peculiar things happening in the universe, it must be understood as a compensation of its alternative things. On this view if subjecting the issue to the law of three, a hint would arise to know the right reason. Similarly in case of expanding universe how to approach the mystery to infer the reason? Again with the same law of three, it is possible to explain things by making comparative analysis of its counterpart. That is the Dark energy. Because the light energy sources of the visible universe (comprising energies generated from Stars, Pulsars, Quasars, Black holes, Supermassive black holes, Sun and moon and the potential energy of the planets) are counterbalanced by the dark energy only.
Actually the universe expansion is just an astronomical illusion which is not actually expanding but it is the transfer of energy from one state to another or energy conversion takes place in all directions simultaneously in the universe. However I use the same term “universe expansion” in this context in order to avoid confusion. For the past 13.8 billion light years (as per the astronomical data) the overall visible universe from the time it started functioning it is consuming the enormous amount of light energy continuously in the form of electromagnetic radiation from its sources such as sun in the billions of solar systems, billions of stars in the billions of galaxies, along with their planetary systems rotation and revolution and galactic rotation.
Now there is a strong evidence for enormous energy consumption by the dissociation of stars in the form of elementary baryonic particles such as protons and neutrons that are wandering everywhere around the universe, Most recently it is detected that the energy dissipates in the form of gravitational waves generated whenever the celestial bodies collisions happening such as neutron star collision, black holes collisions etc. Supernova explosion is also a remarkable energy consuming phenomenon. Now we could have analyzed the possible ways by which the celestial bodies are consuming energies.
Apart from this consumption of the energy in the form of potential energy and comparatively very low usage of solar energy, electrical energy, thermal energy, Hydro power, wind energy, nuclear energy and kinetic energy in the planet like earth can also added in the above list. As a result, the consumption of the energy in different forms by the visible universe is continuously happening from the beginning itself. Simultaneously the energy distribution of the visible universe becomes weakening. All this releasing energy in the visible universe realizes us one major fact. That is the overall energy density of the visible universe is losing its power (or strength) gradually for prolong period since the universe creation.
So, obviously the energy compensation is needed there in some other ways at certain stage. But what is the possible way to compensate all this energy loss in order to retain energy neutrality throughout the universe? The only way to counterbalance this energy loss is by energy gaining of the light energy opponent. Which one is that? That is the dark energy (de). That is why the dark energy is actively capturing the loosening light energy from the visible universe and could simultaneously exhibit repulsive force against it since the dark energy is a negative energy. Whenever, the visible universe loses its energy, the dark energy gains or the energy is converted into the dark energy. Which purpose? Because compensation of the energy. Therefore the dark energy is inversely proportional to the light energy (le).
Again, overall energy = Varying cosmological constant + Visible energy (E)
So, we cannot predict this cosmological constant (or universe expansion rate) as a permanent value. Because as we have seen this energy conversion phenomenon is not a static thing but is dynamically changing over a period of time which is completely dependent on how fast the energy is spent by the visible universe. As soon as the energy gained by the dark energy over and over reaches and exceeds the threshold value it could express more resisting force against the light sources such as stars, galactic clusters each one holds the supermassive black holes at its center while they are losing energy and causing them to move away from their position (not at an constant rate) at an increasing rate toward their original state. Actually this varying rate of energy conversion is only observed by the astronomers as changes or discrepancies of the Hubble’s constant value over a long period of interval (The differences in the readings taken by three different research teams).


Reference from NASA: Mystery of the Universe’s Expansion Rate Widens With New Hubble Data

Hubble found that galaxies receded 500 kilometers per second faster — so the Hubble constant was 500 in units of kilometers per second per mega parsecs.
Freedman pioneered the use of the Hubble Space Telescope in the 1990s to (fittingly) measure the Hubble constant, and calculated a value of around 72 with an error margin of around 10%. A team led by Nobel laureate Adam Riess at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, has made the most precise measurements so far, and its latest value is 74, with an error margin of just 1.91%.
Scientists with the European Space Agency’s Planck mission mapped the relic radiation of the Big Bang, called the cosmic microwave background, and used it to calculate the Universe’s basic properties. Using standard theoretical assumptions about the cosmos, they calculated the Hubble constant as 67.8.

The whole energy-dark energy conversion can be understood by simple ball throwing experiment. Here assume the ball as the visible universe. Let us imagine an observer throws the ball upward against the gravity. So the ball’s potential energy is converted into kinetic energy (in the context of universe, compare it as the dark energy to light energy conversion). The ball would move in the upward direction up to some distance by deceleration until the kinetic energy of the ball become completely over. This is the simple physics rule which is given below.
When the velocity of the object is in the positive direction, the object slows down whereas the velocity in the negative direction speeding up the object.
So, now what would happen? When the kinetic energy of the ball becomes zero (consumed completely), the ball would start return with the negative velocity in the negative direction towards its original position or state not at the constant speed, but accelerate until it attains zero as per the principle given above. Literally this is what is happening and is noticed in case of universe expansion. Because, already we have seen the dark energy is a negative energy. So it is forcing the object (enlightened universe) towards the negative direction at a rapid rate. Again the kinetic energy (light energy) of the ball is converted into potential energy (by comparison the dark energy) at the ground. This is how the energy restoration is happening literally under the term “universe expansion” phenomenon. Finally the net energy of the ball becomes zero by recovering its original potential energy.
From the Potential Energy aspect
Already we know all the celestial bodies are bounded by the strong gravity. So obviously the complete celestial things treated as a single group has comparatively much (potential) energy than individual clusters of galaxies. It also noticed that the gravitational potential energy is not equal at all points above. The higher an object is elevated, the greater the potential energy. So the potential energy is maximum at the peak level and minimum at the ground state reducing gradually.
The first measured universe expansion rate is provided by Hubble was 500 kilometers per second per Mega parsecs from somewhat closer standard candles. Followed by based on different techniques such as Cepheid variables Freedman Hubble constant readings were around 72 km/sec/Mpc, Adam Riess’s Hubble constant estimation was about 74 km/sec/Mpc. And Planck mission’s Hubble constant calculation based on cosmic relic radiation is 67.8.

[Note: 1 parsec is 3.26 light years; 1 Mega parsecs = 3.26 million light years]
If we examine all the above different values, it is understood that each reading is taken at different energy level of the visible universe. The readings by 72 km/sec/Mpc, 74 km/sec/Mpc show that they are taken somewhat closer maximum potential energy level (very longest from the edge of the universe) whereas the value 500 km/sec/Mpc is nearer to the at the most region of potential energy and 67.8 given by the European space agency’s Planck mission indicates almost ground state. We know that the gravitational potential energy is always minima at the lowest energy state. That is the cosmic microwave background is the minimum energy state or ground state of the energy from where the energy conversion (dark energy to light energy) process started originally. In other words the Planck’s reading is taken from closer to the edge of the universe. For this reason only the universe expansion rate is differing at two different extremes.

Fig. 1 Primordial Darkness before universe creation

Fig. 2 Before Universe expansion — initial stage of the universe where light was spreading toward inward


This universal expansion can also be explained with another aspect. Some astronomical people referred to this term as “Recession of galaxies”. Here what is meant by recession? Recession provides a clue as moving backward. Always moving backward of anything implies the object is returning to its original position where it started journey from the destination to be at rest again.
Thus the role of dark energy in the universe expansion is now clearly understood. All these signs show that the entire visible universe is to reverted back to the original deep darkness condition very soon. While the universe attains this last stage completely the overall energy would be equal to the dark energy constant that is; cosmological constant Ʌ with no further change. Actually this could be the final stage of the universe expansion. When the universe reaches this stage, again the domination of the primordial darkness would be there in the place of visible universe after its long life span completion. Recent spectroscopic (telescopic) observations of the telescopes reveal us a fact that this doomsday or the final destination for the universe is not too far. Finally the Newton’s third law can be verified by this grand universe creation-destruction experiment. Ultimately the entire energy of the universe would be retained as the dark energy.
Thus we can conclude that our living universe is filled with most powerful dark energies that always counteract the energy which is conserved and transferred in the visible part of the universe in order to ensure neutrality of the whole universe so that the net energy of the universe can exists forever. Thus the overall energy distribution of the universe is under equilibrium condition.
Hence the mystery of the dark energy is completely revealed.
Ultimately the domination of the THREE in the universe as dark energy, light energy and non-light energy is clearly understood.



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