Trump says 'NASA was Closed & Dead' before he took charge. That's not true.


Aug 10, 2020
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So sad indeed that Live Science endorses this kind of article headline. Did the WaPo buy LS? But since you brought it up, I'm pretty sure that this is what President Trump meant. The US has not carried its' own astronauts into space since 2011. By all rational accounts, that is a dead program. Space programs that don't send people to space are dead. Now Chelsea, I may decide to make it my mission to "fact check" every word you print - just to make sure that you don't get too loose with the metaphors. Grow up, and strive to be a better journalist. This is nonsense.
Jun 3, 2020
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Ya it's non stop. Everyday. Do they think this is CNN or somewhere people can't read between the lines? It's sad this is the only material they can put forth.