Time moved '5 times slower' in the early universe, mind-bending black hole study reveals

Jul 13, 2023
Who comes up with these headlines? Time didn't move any slower, it's just an illusion similar to a Doppler effect.
I understand your point. If someone claims that time was moving slower, does that imply that the expansion of space is no longer a relevant factor? The concept of expanding space was introduced to explain the Doppler-like effect observed in these scenarios.

It's important to consider the implications of claiming that time was slower in the past. If this were the case, it would mean that the speed of photons was also slower back then. However, we must be cautious and think through the consequences of such claims before making them.

The concept of time dilation is even more unsettling when you consider what it truly means. Time dilation refers to the movement between different time frames, rather than simply clocks ticking slower. After all, a clock is of no use if it gains or loses time. If time dilation is measured based on Minkowski coordinates, then the object that is dilating time has essentially left the present time frame and entered into a different one, much like in science fiction movies.

However, it's important to note that clocks losing synchronicity with each other does not mean that they are in different time frames. They are still in the same present moment. According to General Relativity theory, there is a density gradient in space. This means that clocks located farther away from a massive object have to travel through more space density than clocks located on the surface of the object. As a result, these distant clocks need to tick more times per orbit, which is not the same thing as time dilation.