The pandemic broke the CDC. New director will try to fix it.

Nov 12, 2020
There were a plethora warnings about future pandemics being overdue, just a matter of time, and the need to prepare for such. The standard political responses were: maybe later, no money, next budget, no sweat we got it covered, the world is cooperating, etc. The U.S. was "here" before in 1918 amid the demands of WWI and economic problems. Actually, the world has done well in controlling disease outbreaks and avoiding a global pandemic since 1918 despite WWII, and sundry vicious local conflicts that harmed mostly the innocent non-participants. Hopefully, the CDC can upgrade to operate independently of "face saving", misleading data on new and old diseases. And be able to make public the scientific facts as currently known. As for the political aspects, ordinary citizens have to anticipate "too little; too late" , Oooops, and catch-up.