'The night turned into day': How Manhattan Project scientists reacted to the world's first atomic bomb test

May 15, 2023
Was the Manhattan project bomb actually the first A bomb? There are reports of an He-111 flying above 20'000 feet over Baltic sea, in the Rostock area, almost sent down by a severe blast and lightning on ground, also of a similar event in Spain, in a place close both to Spain and Portugal.

An image in the web about the damages a 20 KT blast on Island Manhattan would have done includes an sketch of bomb, looking more as a fission-fusion machine, a Neutron bomb, than the 'Dirty bomb' seeding ground with radioactive elements they say it is.
Someone knows?
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Jul 17, 2023
My grandfather was employed by the US government to discharge/blow up hydrogen bombs, towit, the Eniwetok bombing and at least another 17 Pacific atolls in the latter part of the 1950s. He died of radiation poisoning in 1960, as did the vast majority of the US military who were required to be part of the nuclear bombings. He asked me to fight nuclear warfare and the use of nuclear bombs for the rest of my life since his life was forfeit to radiation poisoning. He said humans were not capable of imagining or understanding the sheer destructive force of these bombs. NO more nuclear warfare please.
Jun 2, 2023
My mother was traveling from Lubbock, TX to Flagstaff AZ. she was passing past White Sands on that fateful day, and she saw the night become day. The sun rose to the south and not to the East. Later on she found out that it was the bomb.
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