The fundamental question about big bang theory.

Mar 4, 2020
I don't think we have the data, the tools, and the intellect to discern the beginning of our universe. It's like matter. We don't have the data, the tools and the intellect to discern what the "stuff" of charge is. When we bust a charge, the fragments dissolve very quickly. But even if we could freeze it before it dissolved, we still could not determine what it is. For, it is the only physical entity in this universe, and we have nothing else to compare it to.

But, we keep spending huge amounts of time and money on these UN-answerable questions. We shouldn't spend taxpayer money on philosophy.

As for the universe, we can't even see the present universe, only the past. We can't know, what the true outcome was. The center of the MW could have super nova-ed 24 thousand years ago, and we wouldn't know it, until the next thousand years.

But if we could discern the present physical, and structural dynamics of the two charges, it would be man's greatest achievement in science. For we could manufacture custom materials with custom properties. Like local and global temperature control. Easily filtering pollutants out of the air. Disassociating radioactive toxins. Or regional ocean pH control. Space travel could become safe and comfortable. And hopefully faster. Maybe even an artificial g, without spin. A solar system resource train.

These are worth the time and money.