Space time equal everywhere

Sep 23, 2021
On Earth we know that people at opposite ends, such as UK and New Zealand, exist at the same time, because we can speak to them . The time to get to them for a physical face to face depends on speed of transport, but we both age by this time factor.
Does it mean that a hypothetical being in the cosmoscould exist at the same time as us but separated by immense distances, so that the space-time rules would prevent us from reaching the being in time to meetthem?
Mar 4, 2020
The only way modern science can explain motion, such as light or mass, is by giving entities/objects/fields, multiple time rates.......all at the same time.

In other words, all interactions, have their own time scale.....or time reference. They HAVE to make time a variable, to explain velocity that they measure.

It's lazy and cheap math making lazy and cheap science. For over one hundred years. It's the silliest thing you'll ever study.

Study Ampere for the first relativity, Weber for the second and combining the two, and Parson for mass and light. In today's world, no one remembers what relativity means. It's all star trek jibber jabber.

No local time, or space-time needed......for any observation....or measurement.

It's 2021 and modern science hasn't a clue about the dynamic of light. AND they base everything else, on that perversion.