Neanderthal DNA may shape how sensitive you are to pain, genetic analysis shows

Dec 16, 2022
modern humans first crossed over from Eurasia into the Americas by 15- to 20,000 years ago ...
Definitely >20kya. We have robust confirmation on those White Sands footprints. Humans were all the way down in New Mexico more than 20kya. And we have good dates for a site in Oregon at 18kya. It's time to quite talking about 15 or 16kya being the initial arrival period.
Oct 12, 2023
Red hair is said to be from Neanderthals and dentists know on average they need 16% more local anaesthesia to achieve the same result as non-reds.

Also there is a theory that Asperger's Syndrome is due to Neanderthal DNA and Aspies are well known to find clothing irritating that NTs find comfortable, and can be hard to please in finding comfortable bedding.