Question Mistakes in coronavirus treatment ?

Mar 27, 2020
When triggering cytokine storms Hydrocortisone should be administered!
In severe patients, sedation can trigger cytokine storms as Melatonin levels increase
Two hormones play an important role in treating this virus

-1 Melatonin interacts with the immune system through different mechanisms: high cytokine production.
-2 Cortisol (hydrocortisone) The role or suppress the response of the immune system.
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Apr 12, 2020

so if I take Melatonin now in order to sleep while being infected, I could theoretically trigger a cytokine storm ?! Luckily I did not take Melatonin for the last 10 days !!! Just coincidentally ... you may just saved my life with that message. :eek:
Apr 23, 2020
Watched an interesting live discussion between doctors in Italy, New York City and Washington State who are treating patients all day long. This infection is very confusing as standard protocol for ventilator settings are counter to how ARDS patients are treated. Italian doctor said in the beginning, they intubated too quickly. They all try their most to avoid ventilator now. By NYC data, 88% of Covid-19 patients put on ventilator DIED.

COVID-19 patients have very low oxygen levels in blood. Normally, if oxygen is low, CO2 is elevated because not blowing it off. But Covid-19 patients have low oxygen but normal carbon dioxide. This almost defies known physiology. Patients in respiratory distress struggle hard to breathe and usual get exhausted in those efforts so they put on ventilator. But these doctors described some patients as "happy hypoxics". They have very low oxygen but seem very alert, talking and with no distress.

So the one common early mistake was intubating patients too soon. Many are now treated with high flow oxygen instead of ventilator. When maxing oxygen and patient continues to get worse, really struggling to breathe and in distress, then ventilator required.