Massive hydrogen reservoir discovered beneath an Albanian mine could be an untapped source of clean energy

Feb 12, 2024
This gets a FAIL under basic geology. A reservoir is a confirmed geological host for liquids like water or hydrocarbons. The source of free hydrogen is through radiogenic elements within source rocks undergoing radioactive decay. Free hydrogen is a very small molecule, it diffuses into and through most geological materials with relative ease. By definition, a reservoir must be porous, to provide space for any liquids but also any reservoir requires a geological seal or said liquids or gases just keep on flowing through. Hydrogen gas is flowing through this geological system albeit at quite low rates. Neither the host rock providing the hydrogen nor the reservoir residency rock have even been sampled.....Lastly, any examination of hydrogen as a resource has to be viewed with the same parameters as our favourite geologically sourced liquid fuels; petroleum. Possibly this article should be written by an earth science trained writer??