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Let's hear it for fungi!

Nov 18, 2019
Fungi are utterly fascinating to me. I find it all over my farm, in myriad forms, indoors and out, in the stable, in the field, on and under plants. Admittedly, I am not so fond of fungi that seem to be fond of our feet, but they are still equally fascinating. I am sure that the fungi family is not thrilled that we eat so many of their kind either.

I hope that Live Science continues to delve into the mysteries and wonders of this, our fellow life-form.

Bring on the mushroom people!
Who else here finds them as interesting as I do?
Nov 26, 2019
Fungi also fascinates me! It's finely tuned mechanism for transferring nutrients and water between vegetation, has been seriously underestimated in the biological world. Without fungi like Mycorrhiza, dense vegetation would struggle to survive in almost every environment.
I'm astounded it's only in recent times, that science has started to realise the serious importance of this backbone life support system.