James Webb Telescope spots galaxies from the dawn of time that are so massive they 'shouldn't exist'

Feb 23, 2023
The James Webb Space Telescope spotted six gigantic galaxies, each roughly the of our own Milky Way, that formed at a bafflingly fast pace — taking shape just 500 million years after the Big Bang.

James Webb Telescope spots galaxies from the dawn of time that are so massive they 'shouldn't exist' : Read more

Was the Big Bang a one-time event or were there, are and will always be Big Bangs?
In the possible hypothesis that Big Bangs are a prosaic occurrence in the Universe, then there would be countless space-time structures similar to ours and all expanding and that at some point may interact.
This interaction would then create an unusual situation for an observer of a Universe created in a time t2 interacting with another Universe created in a time t1 before t2.
This observer at t2 could very well observe structures of t1 that would have existed at the beginning of t2.
That is, you would see structures that shouldn't be where they are if there was only a single Universe within a larger Universe.
The possibility of the existence of multiple universes would explain structures of t1 at the beginning of t2.
Wouldn't those galaxies seen by James Webb be the confirmation of the existence of multiple universes?
Feb 26, 2023
Here's my 3 cents worth (3 not 2, inflation you know...)
I do think that there was some sort of a big bang all those years ago. Maby because there is a maximum size a black hole can have beyond which it goes BANG causing a big bang episode . However I'm also convinced that the universe was already full of stuff scattered all over the place. Things such as black holes and galaxies were already floating around. In other words the big bang was not the beginning, it was more like a messy rebirth or recycling event. Also, trying to explain any of this with religion will only lead to mas hysteria and human sacrifices 😬😁.
I have to run, there are people outside with pitchforks...
But first, here's my question; shouldn't we be able to look far enough into the past to a point and time on the far side of where the big bang took place (in relationship to where we are) and see the actual explosion?
These thoughts give me a headache.....🤯
Sep 27, 2023
Interesting. Although, it must suck to constantly have your beliefs flipped over on its head.