How to build a universe after a big bounce

Aug 22, 2020
IMHO, the progress of theoretical physics towards TOE is STUCK today because of physically unrealistic theories like String Theory!

Hint: There cannot be any ideal/perfect geometric objects like 0-dimensional points (0 size & infinite density singularities) or 1-dimensional (0 width) strings, in the real physical universe!!!
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Aug 29, 2020
Replying to the article :
"Could the universe collapse into a singularity?"
I report that this was predicted / stated to be true in the book "The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception" of 1912 (?) by Max Heindel.
I was astonished to read that this "Belief Group" simply predicted the Big Bang some 50 years before scientists postulated it.
Heindel states unequivocally:
Our 'Universe' expands from nothing 7 times, before collapsing back into a point and becoming non-existent for a period before re-expanding again. Further, we are currently in the expansion phase of the 3rd explosion from nothing, and in the 2nd part of this phase our universe will once again contract to a point. They give names to each of these 7 expand-contract processes, based on ... ( the planets ! - if I remember rightly).
I think he says ours is the 'Saturn' phase.
Heindel writes didactically, i.e. "These are the facts."
I gather they were acquired by a process of spiritual enquiry or intuition or something of that sort. This was interesting to me as I had started this curiosity path with Carlos Castaneda who successfully inspires the idea that there may be various levels or types of perception of reality, and I was interested in the idea that if you adjust you mind appropriately you may be able to perceive certain facts of this sort.
What is extraordinary is that Heindel states them as discovered fact! I.e. humans have this capacity...
Subsequently I discovered Rudolf Steiner, and learned that he 'discovered' a whole lot of similar 'observed' 'facts' by the same process. Now Steiner is quite convincing. Takes a lot of reading (took me a year to read his "Occult Science" ! ), though. Turns out ( I think - memory not precise ) he states exactly the same thing: 7 cycles, 7 expansions, we are in the expansion part of the third. And named after the planets... He started writing around 1890 I think.
Maybe the Rosicrucians adapted his perceptions. Anyway, be advised that leading 'Spiritual Vision' folk (in Steiner's case, impressively coherent in the use, working and adaptation of the mind) predicted the Big Bang probably pre-1900 and maybe pre-1980 (have to look it up). Need to read a lot more of Steiner - v interesting...
Whether all humans may have access to this capacity, most will not find it. Unsurprising given the social conditions, and people's tendency to take revelation as gospel, and make life decisions let alone build one's life around such.

My idea above suggests cycle. Doesn't affect my life.
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Aug 30, 2020
My theory is something my mind came up with before I knew about anyone else's theory. That the universe has been here for possibly millions, billions or even trillions of earth years. I call it Quantum Time. This basically means that the universe happens all at the same time from the beginning to the end all in one universal split second, then it starts all over again. We are constantly being born and dying each time; with the proviso that we can try to improve our existence each time we are here. If we get it right then we can change our lives and the people & planet we live on and evolve to the next level of our evolution; if we get it wrong then we get the chance to try again. This is why we have that Deja vu feeling or gut feeling (because we have done it all before). Scientists have proved that we subconsciously know what is coming before we think it. To me, this smells of us being all involved in some kind of galactic experiment.