Grizzly bear believed to have killed woman on Buttermilk Trail near Yellowstone National Park

Jul 31, 2020
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When I lived out West, I stopped camping in a tent after a night when I could hear a bear snuffling around my tent. Too dangerous even if you take precautions because they're grizzlies and not afraid of anything.

I now live where there are lots of black bears, but they mostly just want to avoid you and run away so not as big a danger as grizzly territory.

I always carry bear spray just in case on hikes. I've only had one bear challenge me when I accidentally startled him from about 6 feet away. He was a big bear and it was blackberry season so he was foraging in a prime spot for berries so he was territorial. I unfortunately had to use the bear spray to get away since he was standing his ground and getting ready to charge.

Always carry bear spray if you're in bear territory, just in case. It can help prevent tragedies, for you and the bear because they usually hunt down and kill bears who attack and injure people. A face full of bear spray is enough to discourage them from getting any closer.