Global temperatures have been the hottest on record for 3 days in a row

Jul 4, 2023
"On record". So the last 170ihs yrs. Might want to check Greenland ice core samples. Another "record". By the way, it was hotter during the Roman warming...
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Jul 7, 2023
Interesting as for the 1st time ever in my observation i watched some of the toughest flora and fauna begin to literally fry from the sun, and this occurred even after everything had been given ample amounts of water. I am just hoping that this is not a sign of a depleted Ozone that in turn is allowing for higher amounts of radiation to get through to the planet. It is just very strange watching something as tough as crab grass being well watered and yet turning brown due to its death happen simply due to a higher temperature.
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Feb 16, 2023
Since hottest since 1979? so it was hotter in 1978 then.
Here where I live, we can go from -40 degrees celcius in the winter, to +40 degrees celcius in the summer times.
that is a difference of 80 degrees.
you think the plants here are going to care if the temperature becomes 42 or even 45 degrees during the summer?