Ocean surface temperatures soar into record territory, hitting an all-time high this month

Apr 15, 2023
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Thankfully the earth is warming. I don't know exactly how many humans we have running around here but I believe pre oil there were <1 B. I think 2 countries have that covered now. The warming earth and melting ice caps provide more water for humans to use. We heat it to 98.6 degrees. Any surprise ! the water/earth's temperature is rising? Gas automobiles are a blip in time. Getting rid of them solves some geopolitical issues.
The increased water levels will increase evaporation (a cooling process) and most of mankind will wish we had easy energy again as temperatures decline into an ice age in afew thousand years. In the meantime maybe evolution will bring some dinosaurs back!
The problem is population, nothing more, nothing less.
Until the world limits it problems will multiply exponentially. Great time to invest in commodities.