Facial reconstructions help the past come alive. But are they accurate?

Sep 26, 2023
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No, I don't think they're accurate! And, what about skulls that really have no useful DNA? Without getting into a lot of nuanced detail, it seems there's a lot of artistic license concerning reconstruction of a skull from just a few fragments! Wouldn't you say that is a bit dangerous? Maybe not dangerous as a matter of life-threatening, but making unfounded guesstimations as fact. I also would gather, certain researchers and archaeologists will lean towards their belief system when they are trying to reconstruct what an individual might have looked like alive. I would say use artificial intelligence to reconstruct the dead, but, artificial intelligence can only do as well as what's been entered into its data banks. If there is truly to be honest brokerage concerning this sort of thing, I would say, all theories and all information should be used instead of relying on much more fallible scientists and researchers.