Disinfectant injections are a really bad idea

Mar 23, 2020
Not attacking but this site says live science. There are methods of treating blood with ultraviolet light as shown here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_irradiation_therapy There are many known disinfectants in vaccines. Why was this not included in the story about drinking bleach. Just didn't seem like you looked at the science.
Hi there...I respect your right to believe whatever you see fit. However, I improre you not to try this in any way....Hang on, I gotta get supper out of the oven.....OK, I'm back...now that was silly.....but, there I am. I went to the Wiki article and when I got to the term "double-blinded studies" I stopped. It's double blind, not double blinded. You can always tell when something is just not authentic. I got an email from a friend who said it was from a 'scientist' at Johns Hopkins. He or she made a similar mistake. A mistake in terminology or jargon is usually a sure sign. I'm just not buying this. These people use this terminology all day every day and are not likely to make a mistake like this. So read these things with a jaundiced eye. Stay safe and stay well. I'll be looking for anything else you find.