Checking for testicle lumps !

Mar 17, 2024
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When checking for lumps on the testicles I'd advise first to stand up and observe if your testicles hang level .

If one hangs lower than the other then the chances are the lower of the two has in some way more mass than the higher one .

Whilst standing firstly with one finger gently check around each testicle

Secondly lie on your back and gently push each testicle relatively upward towards your stomach .

I am writing this from present experience , recently I have found an oddity on my testicle .

I could not find anything the standing up method , it was only when I lay down and did the push up technique did I find what seems a huge lump , almost the size of my testicle .

If anyone has any more information on this subject please post as I went the doctors and they was pretty useless explaining it has a small cyst , however it is like nearly the size of my testicle when I use the push up method .