Cannabis is no better than a placebo for treating pain, 20 studies show

Dec 5, 2022
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Several years ago I read a brief comment made by a pro-marijuana for pain advocate; I quote what he stated, "I don't know if it helps with the actual pain, or not, however, when smoking pot you just don't care if you're in pain!" I was somewhat perplexed by his statement, but in later years, with myself trying various edible THC marijuana products for a brief period -- I quickly understood what that he meant; however, you not only do not care if you're in pain, you don't care about much of anything, sending your life into a spiraling whole new dimension; lack of focus, lack of ambition (i.e., the so called "Couch Potato"), etc., etc., thus I quickly realized that it was not for me!
That kind of research has about the same competence as a political poll. They take a certain number of people, gather data on those people, and come to a conclusion for that group of people and data.....then have the gall to say that this applies to the general population. That's cartoon science.

I have never ingested pot. I smoke it. And drugs effect people in different manners. Because we have different bodies and different psyches.

I became disabled about 9 years with severe chronic pain. They put me on narcotics. I was in a complete mess, both physically and mentally within 6 months. My sons heard of this, drove in from out of state with a bag of dope. Weed is the best pain reliever I have ever found. And it gave me back my sober mind. Your experience sounds like heroin or fentanyl , not pot. I have NEVER felt the way you describe your experience with pot. But, as I say, I have never eaten it. But I would be surprised if there were that much difference. It's more likely that your pot was dusted with another drug. I'm sure they can dust bad weed, and sell it as primo.
I have smoked it daily for several years. Now, my first daily pipe toke is early afternoon, then one toke early evening, and one at bed time. It has also become the cheapest pain reliever that I have ever used.
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