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Any other COVID-19 Data Analysts out there?

Nov 9, 2020
I am a data analyst who is working on data for my counties COVID-19 cases. We currently are getting our data from Epitrax, which comes with many quirks and irregularities.

I wanted to reach out and see how others have handled their data from EPI and share tips/tricks to manipulating the data to get it as accurate as possible.

I have the majority of my Tableau dashboard done for the upgrade to our county website.

I just feel like I am unable to find a community who consists of health experts and data scientists.

Thanks in advance!
Nov 20, 2020
In addition to staffing, we asked respondents what has changed for them, aside from working from home. The top answer was travel; 76% stated that they were being asked not to travel for at least six months. Although only 20% of respondents reported that analytics or data initiatives had been cancelled, about a third said that new purchases for software or services around data and analytics had been frozen.