Adorable but deadly little wildcat may be inbreeding at 'alarming' rates, study finds

Jan 14, 2023
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Is it likely that Amyloidosis was caused by the captivity lifestyle (or lack thereof)? Namely, diet & lack of hunting activity. They are nocturnal hunters but is that how they were treated in captivity?
Inbreeding is part of the evolutionary tree. Since segmentation of the territory is beginning in the wild, individuals will likely form localized groups.
Seems like inbreeding is a natural adaptation to survive due to human activity, encroachment & segregation of their natural habitat.

I still think Nature 'knows'/does best.
Would be interesting to continue to study the cat to observe the effects of human activity & inbreeding. Presumably the species will splinter & specialize into their local regions: the species branching out as it adapts to changes.
We see inbreeding in humans on larger scales; cross-cultural mating is still rare with the exceptions being in certain experimental regions like Europe, Americas & Islam. Sometimes, I wonder if cross-cultural mating causes more problems like syndromes, maladaptive & developmental disorders. Hybridization sometimes failed before a small percentage succeed.