A black hole 'assassin' ripped a star to shreds and left its guts strewn about the galaxy

Jul 12, 2020
"In a way, stars are like doughnuts: You have to rip them apart to see what's inside."
Weird metaphor, but OK.

Normally I don't rip donuts open; I just eat them. And I know what's inside because they're identified at the store/bakery before I buy them. In fact I'd want to know what's inside them before I even bought them, let alone before I bit into one. What if I accidentally bought a chopped-liver donut? I couldn't handle the surprise when I bit into it.

But if you want to buy a random donut without asking what it is, so you can take it home and rip it open to see what it is, that's fine; it won't kill me.