6 ways the US government could help contain the new coronavirus

Mar 5, 2020
1. Agree wholeheartedly: early travel management and limited quarantine efforts ate far more productive than “the sky is falling” quasi-governmental pronouncements.
2. Instituting Sick Leave INSURANCE before the Next major epidemic is an excellent idea.
3. Reason the CDC initially limited guidelines was Availability. Official guideline now is “whoever” but testing is Still limited by availability.
4. Announcing that ICE will mot be specifically targeting those self-reporting illness is another good idea.
5. Of course they will be.
6.Your blue slip is showing. The main reason for schools is Education. School lunches and child-sitting so a parent may work are tertiary functions at best, and should NOT be primary considerations in deciding wheather to cancel classes.
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Jan 2, 2020
None of these 6 steps are effective strategies. The first and foremost is to find the right way to increase the immunity in human beings. Right now in great majority, particularly in Europe, Americas and Far East do not have the strength to fight COVID-19.
The vaccine will take an year or so to be produced. So the way forward in increasing in human immunity to this virus, and the process is simple and will not cost Billions of Dollars.
That process is mindfulness meditation to develop mindfulness and concentration in humans which will strengthen lymph power. The meditation does not cost even one dollar. Sugath