15 Mars objects that look like signs of life (but aren't)

Oct 3, 2023
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Ummmm…. So at least 4 of your examples are the remains of animals.

pareidolia exists because our brains are designed to recognize these things. It sometimes gets it wrong but the vast majority of the time it’s spot on as is the case with at least a few of your examples.

So I encourage everyone to read up on UV fluorescence in the iridophore stripes, the anatomy of squids, take advantage of the vast amounts of UV light mars gets and act out your childhood fantasy of space exploration with nothing more than simple photo adjustments.

Just because NASA isn’t ready to use the L word, doesn’t change the facts of what those things are. Facts are not controlled by a government agency.

Those discouraging others from discussing the animal remains on mars are just as bad a the ones who peddle junk science-Skepticism is good, ignoring the evidence is not.
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