Bizarre polygons on Mars' surface hint that alien life on Red Planet was possible

Jun 14, 2023
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What about sonics or vibrations that could lead to geometric formations? Like when they put sand on a surface and hit with vibrations and sonics and form interesting patterns.
Jan 8, 2023
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I am offended by the 2nd header in this article, 'A patchwork of polygon-shaped cracks in ancient Martian mud are evidence of past wet-dry cycles, which could have helped extraterrestrial life emerge on the Red Planet.' Why do they refer to indigenous life on Mars as 'extraterrestrial'? Should life here be ashamed that it is not from Earth? Maybe just use the more respective description, 'Martian' to describe life from this planet.
Why do they refer to indigenous life on Mars as 'extraterrestrial'?
Because terrestrial refers to anything that is from Earth. If it's from Mars it's extraterrestrial to us. Since we're the observers any description is going to be in relation to us earthlings. Going the other way a Martian might refer to us as "extramartial" or is perhaps "extramartian".