11,000-year-old statue of giant man clutching penis unearthed in Turkey

Oct 17, 2023
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These "scientists" need to stop trying to find the existence of the patriarchy everywhere. Phalluses were magical to our ancient ancestors because they grow as fast as grasses, so males clutching their penises is NOT a symbol of their consciousness of "progenitorhood," as this archeologist WANTS to assume, but a universal sign for the rapid growth of grasses, upon which these people were learning to rely (as verified by many ancient stories, including those of ancient Sumeria and Egypt. Procreation won't be discovered until circa 2400 BCE when Egyptians domesticated swans, the ONLY monogamous animal ever domesticated by humans. Androcentric bias that runs throughout the archeology field must be dismantled because these "scientists" are biased into justifying their world view of the idea that the patriarchy has always existed. They seriously should read my book, Pitiless Bronze: A Postpatriarchal Examination of Prepatriarchal Cultures, so they can learn what the symbols they are uncovering TRULY meant to our ancient ancestors who still viewed women as The Creators, not men. They need to view these finds through the eyes of people who have no idea that both genders are necessary for procreation because their symbolic animals--the wild boar (probably female, not a male) and the vulture were known as excellent mothers.