1 million people have now died from COVID-19 worldwide

Jan 4, 2020
I agree that the true toll probably is much higher. And that doesn't even account for the (millions? billions?) of humans and other very valuable critters who have had their hard-earned safety and prosperity ripped out from under them by (a) the virus and (b) humanity's shameful lack of preparation for dealing with such a scourge.

IMHO, H. Sapiens (big brains) is the only species who could have foreseen and adequately planned for such a cataclysm. The dogs can't do it; the worms and the shrimp can't do it. But H. Sapiens has elected to follow bizarre home-grown theories of righteousness and entitlement, and banded together in multiple cults of silliness, to justify its avarice and deny rights of life to other species and even to the unannointed of their own.

A reckoning is upon us as a species. Frankly, I doubt that H. Sapiens will pass Nature's survival test. We fight each other instead of helping and supporting each other. Money (once a simple medium of exchange but now a measure of individual worth) determines who wins and who loses. I get Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest. But are those who cheat and steal from their fellows and manipulate laws and mores to their own benefit actually the FITTEST?? I think that history will prove that they were not, on an evolutionary scale.

I'm old and don't have much skin in the game anymore, although I would love to believe that my offspring will be permitted to give what they can and survive receiving what they need (sound familiar?). I hope that they will not procreate beyond their ability to provide, and I don't expect society to underwrite their excesses. I expect society to limit the amount of support we-the-people provide to able individuals but also to provide humane and dignified levels of support to those who truly cannot do more to provide for themselves. A society needs specific rules about expectations and limitations (with enforceable consequences for miscreants), and it also needs adequate protections for members who may need a little, or a lot of, help. To me this concept makes perfect sense, intellectually and morally, and I don't understand why it is so objectionable to so many.
Jan 20, 2021
I completely DISAGREE that the toll is higher....I would say it's far higher in China and India than reported, and the reality in the states is no one knows how many REPORTED Covid deaths were actually the result of something else entirely. My brother died of heart failure last January. Had he died two months later and happened to test positive for Covid he absolutely would have been classified as dying of Covid....10 percent of his heart was functioning.....he was dead man walking....he died of a useless heart period.