Who was J. Robert Oppenheimer? Biographer Kai Bird delves into the physicist's fascinating life and legacy

Jan 8, 2023
Oppenheimer was 100% correct in what he did, including inventing and wanting to use the bomb in Japan. The world was able to learn early on what an A-bomb can do and strive to curtail it's use before they became prevalent and unstoppably integrated into defensive weapons. Then devoting his life to undoing what he created and taking no office of credit for it, is truly great and not a 'nar' as Einstein described him.
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Mar 31, 2023
Here is what Oppenheimer quoted from Bhagvad Gita:
लोकान्समाहर्तुमिह प्रवृत्तः।
ऋतेऽपि त्वां न भविष्यन्ति सर्वे
येऽवस्थिताः प्रत्यनीकेषु योधाः।।11.32।।

11.32 I am the full-grown world-destroying Time, now engaged in destroying the worlds. Even without thee, none of the warriors arrayed in the hostile armies shall live. Krishna is the narrator.